Brit woman in New Zealand rampage comes from ‘scary’ traveller camp terrorising villagers by 'copulating, defecating and urinating' in the area

Tina Marie Cash, 26, and her "unruly" British group are set to be deported after allegedly wreaking havoc across the country.

The tourists face claims they trashed a beach, left a cafe without paying, damaged their apartment and allegedly stole a journalist's phone.

Cash appeared in court where she admitted stealing a four-pack of Red Bull, wire rope and sunglasses from a service station.

Sun Online can reveal that she lived with her family on a traveller site near Lutterworth, Leicestershire, where police are tonight holding a public forum because of crime concerns.

A woman at the site said Tina Marie lived there until 18 months ago – though other travellers said they had seen her more recently.

She told Sun Online: "That’s her yard, someone else is renting it out. I don’t know where she lives. I haven’t seen her for a long time. I heard about the stories.

"She did live here about 18 months ago but I can promise you, I can faithfully tell you, she don’t live here.

"It’s terrible. She’s a nice girl, you know what I mean. She is a nice girl, honestly she is. Sometime you can just mix with the wrong people, it’s as simple as that."

The sprawling site, in between the villages of Bitteswell and Ullesthorpe, is a hotspot for anti-social behaviour, locals say.

They copulate, defecate and urinate. It is never-ending."

One local resident, who lives on farmland near to the site, said her family had been plagued with trouble for years.

Too scared to be named, she told The Sun Online: "They copulate, defecate and urinate. It is never-ending.

"We’ve had sheep chased and killed by their dogs, they’ve used our land to take drugs and farming equipment has been going missing.

"It’s the younger ones. They just do whatever they want to do. They were using our address for their mail.

"We’ve had post from debt collectors, parking fines – we’ve even had bailiffs turn up at our house looking for them. If I go out into the village, I’m always worried to go home because of what I might find.

"It’s scary. They seem to be able to ride roughshod over everyone who lives around here.

"I feel so sorry for the shop in the village. I’ve heard so many stories of stealing, fighting and intimidating. Something needs to be done.

"They go to the local Catholic church and they run around in there. They have no respect for the people who are trying to pray.

"It’s not doing the local area any good. Nothing good is coming from this, it’s not nice."

At nearby Palmer’s Garden Centre, youths from the traveller site have caused mayhem running amok in the store. A shop worker – who again didn’t want to be named – told how kids had gone in and started booting a football around.

He said: "It’s the kids – they have no fear.

"They just do what they want to. They have no-one to answer to. If you try and say anything, you get a mouthful. People are scared."

At the local Ullesthorpe pub, travellers were banned after a ruckus on New Year’s Eve. At the local post office, a cashier was too scared to talk about the travellers.

But a customer – who again did not want to be named – said: "It’s been going on for years now.

"They steal from the shop and loiter outside, intimidating people as they go past. There are fights, foul-language – everyone has had enough."


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