Britney Spears' ex Jason Alexander could face MORE jail time

EXCLUSIVE: Britney Spears’ ex Jason Alexander could face MORE jail time for ‘stealing his landlady’s $2,000 diamond bracelet and pawning it for $180’ seven years before crashing popstar’s wedding to Sam Asghari

  • Britney Spears’ first husband Jason Alexander faces more jail time after being accused of stealing his landlady’s $2,000 diamond bracelet and pawning it off
  • An arrest affidavit obtained by says he admitted the 2015 theft and offered to replace the bracelet for the 55-year-old victim, who rejected it
  • The victim described Alexander as a ‘disgusting person’ who also allegedly kicked her dog and used drugs in her American Canyon home 
  • It comes after Alexander was charged for trespassing into Spear’s home during her dream wedding to Sam Ashgari, 28 

Britney Spears’ first husband Jason Alexander is facing more time behind bars after being hauled off to Napa County on two outstanding theft charges, can reveal.

The 40-year-old has spent the last two months in jail in Ventura, California, after being collared sneaking into the singer’s Thousand Oaks home on the day of her wedding to Sam Ashgari, 28.

Alexander livestreamed the incident, which showed roaming the grounds of her $7m mansion screaming: ‘I’m Jason Alexander. The first husband. I’m here to crash the wedding’.

He was then seen grappling with security before cops arrived and arrested him on the outstanding warrant from Napa in northern California.

Last week, he pleaded guilty to one count of trespassing and another of battery while crashing Britney’s wedding and was sentenced to time served after spending 64 days in jail.

Now can reveal he was transported direct from the Ventura County Jail to Napa where he has been booked for allegedly stealing his landlady’s $2,000 diamond tennis bracelet and pawning it for $180 at Best Collateral in Vallejo, California in August 2015.

A mugshot exclusively obtained by shows the 40-year-old looking shamefaced ahead of a court appearance scheduled for Wednesday morning.

A mugshot exclusively obtained by shows Jason Alexander, 40, looking shamefaced ahead of a court appearance scheduled for Wednesday morning. He had two outstanding theft charges on him from an incident in 2015

Alexander was recently charged with trespassing on ex Britney Spears’ California home during her wedding, which led him to spending 64 days in jail

Alexander appeared slim and gaunt in a remote courtroom appearance from prison last week (left). At right: The 40-year-old poses for pictures shortly after his marriage to Britney Spears

An arrest affidavit obtained by says he admitted the theft when confronted and his name appears in records held by the pawn shop.

According to the affidavit, he said he was unable to get the bracelet back and offered to replace it with a different one but the 55-year-old victim turned it down and reported him to police in February 2016.

By then, Alexander had left the area but police issued a warrant for his arrest on charges that included grand theft and buying or receiving stolen property, and they were able to return the bracelet to the victim.

Speaking to about the case, his former landlady – who asked not to be named – called him a ‘disgusting person’ who kicked her daughter’s dog and took drugs in her American Canyon home.

She said: ‘I kicked him out of the house when I caught him stealing stuff. He lived in my house for six months and I trusted him. He was a client [at her medical cannabis business].

‘I never had a roommate in my life and I let him and his dad stay there because he was going to be homeless – he was required to stay in San Francisco as part of his probation.

‘He couldn’t go back to Louisiana. His dad had come from Louisiana to get him but he couldn’t go back because of that.

‘That was the only reason I rented to him. It broke up my business partnership too because my partner, she was dead against it. She was right I guess.

‘At the time, I felt bad for him – mainly because his dad made me believe he was a different person.’

Alexander is pictured at the Ventura County Courthouse following his intrusion of the wedding

Britney and longtime partner Sam Asghari are pictured at their fairytale wedding in June

Alexander livestreamed himself breaking into his ex’s home on her wedding day

Alexander moved in in August 2015 after completing a 111-day sentence at the San Francisco County Jail for domestic abuse.

The victim was a former girlfriend with whom he has a child. According to court papers, he was also handed three years’ probation and ordered to complete drug and alcohol programs.

His ex-girlfriend also obtained a restraining order against him and he was told to complete a domestic violence counseling program as well as do 25-days community service.

His landlady told that she took him in because she felt sorry for him and even got him a job in a coffee shop – only to be left furious when he stole from her.

She also claims he kicked her daughter’s dog and routinely took drugs, despite being on anti-narcotic medication.

The 55-year-old said: ‘I have vet bills for my daughter’s dog – they were in Thailand and I was pet sitting.

‘He had to go to the vet emergency and they said nothing could have created an injury like that other than being kicked.

‘Then I found out afterwards [Alexander] had abused his lady friend’s dog. He’s disgusting. He’s a really disgusting person.’

She added: ‘I had to get my ex-boyfriend to come because I didn’t feel safe getting him out of my house.

‘I didn’t realize who I’d let into my house. I guess they consider it a non-violent crime because it’s a jewelry theft. Thank God for Britney – now something might get done.’

An arrest affidavit obtained by says he admitted the 2015 theft and offered to replace the bracelet for the 55-year-old victim, who rejected it. Pictured: Jason Alexander posing with the LG Mobile Phone models 

The landlady also revealed that she had called the cops about Alexander three weeks before he crashed Britney’s wedding after seeing a series of bizarre posts on his Instagram page.

She said: ‘He was posting all this crazy s*** on Instagram down in southern California and I was like, he’s down there stalking somebody and as far as I know, he’s still on probation.

‘I don’t know why they would let him be on probation when he’s facing other charges. I talked to victim witness in the DA’s office. They said they can’t do anything unless he’s arrested.’

The landlady added: ‘He’s been arrested many, many times over the last couple of years. I felt bad for him at first but I was an idiot.

‘He’s a piece of sh**. They’ve let him out so many times – he’s had DUIs and drugs charges too but they keep letting him out.’

Alexander, who was infamously married to Britney for 55-hours in 2004, is now facing jail time in Napa over the theft.

The 40-year-old has been arrested four times in the last 13 months, including for stalking an unidentified woman in December 2021.

Last August, he was collared for breaking security protocols at an airport and in January 2021, he was nabbed for a DUI.

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