Broke volunteer firefighter checks bank account to find $8million deposited instead of $1,700 coronavirus stimulus cash – The Sun

A VOLUNTEER firefighter was shocked when he checked his bank account and found $8.2 million in it after receiving his federal stimulus money.

Charles Calvin, who works in New Chicago, Indiana, was supposed to receive $1,700 and could not believe what he was seeing when he checked his balance at the ATM.

He said: "I went to the ATM at the Family Express and once I withdraw $200 out of my account, I looked at the available balance that was still left in my account.

"Apparently, my account had $8.2 million in it. I'm like what in the world is going on here?"

The firefighter thought there was an error, so he checked his card again, but the exact same amount was shown, Local21News reports.

Yesterday, he called his bank and was told the $8.2 million was no longer in his account – although the $1,700 stimulus money was.

He said: "You go from being a millionaire one second then back to being broke again. But hey, once you're poor you don't have anywhere else to go but up."

Americans are starting to receive their cash payments via direct deposits, part of the $2 trillion bill passed by Congress to stimulate the economy after the decline caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Calvin is not sure if the readout was an error made by the federal government or just the ATM he used, but he is not complaining as he received the amount he was entitled to.

The volunteer firefighter said: "Of course, it makes you pause and think, what is going on?"

He added: If there is some kind of clerical error, they should be on top of it."


The Treasury Department is directly depositing stimulus money into the accounts of many Americans.

The coronavirus payment is based on federal tax returns for 2019 or 2018, but the IRS is directing people who do not normally file taxes to an online tool to make sure they are included, according to NBC News.

Most people who are eligible should receive the money within two weeks.

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