Bystanders injured in Bronx shootout were struck by NYPD bullets

An NYPD cop fired the shots that injured a 12-year-old girl and left a 46-year-old woman in severe condition during a wild shootout in the Bronx, police sources said Thursday.

Officer Juan Gomez unleashed a fusillade of 27 shots during the 6 p.m. shootout — reloading his gun once — while suspect Edwin Castillo fired two rounds at cops, sources said.

Neither Gomez nor his partner Brandon Gembecki activated the body cameras they were wearing, sources said.

It started when Castillo-Concepcion, 37, allegedly ripped off a drug deal inside the lobby of 98 West 183rd Street in the Kingsbridge Heights section, firing one shot from his .25-caliber pistol, according to sources.

He fled the building clutching a backpack, and plainclothes cops Gomez, 30, and Gembecki, 30, stopped him for questioning because he looked suspicious, sources said.

Then Castillo-Concepcion whipped out the pistol and squeezed off a round at the officers before taking off and firing another round as he fled, sources said.

The officers gave chase, and that’s when 5-year department veteran Gomez let loose with his trigger finger, squeezing off the 27 rounds, according to sources, who added that Gembecki never fired his weapon.

A bullet that struck the 46-year-old victim’s gut and fragments taken out of the 12-year-old girl were both consistent with 9mm department-issued rounds, sources said.

One of Gomez’s bullets struck Castillo-Concepcion in the neck, and the suspect tossed his pistol in a pile of trash bags before Gomez tackled him, sources said.

He was arrested and charged with attempted murder and criminal weapons possession. Cops also recovered a kilogram of unidentified white powder that’s being tested for drugs.

Castillo-Concepcion’s pistol had a capacity of seven rounds and was recovered with three, according to sources.

Police are still investigating, but they have not yet interviewed Gomez, sources said.

Neither officer had previously been involved in a shooting, sources added.

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