Can I get coronavirus from having sex? – The Sun

THE spread of coronavirus has left many people wondering what it means for their sex lives.

Although the virus is not technically a sexually transmitted infection, there is a still an increased risk of picking up the killer bug between the sheets.

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Can I get coronavirus from having sex?

It had initially been thought that sex was not a problem if you live and share the same space on a regular basis with your partner.

There is a risk should one of you display symptoms of coronavirus, including a high temperature and a dry persistent cough – as the close space could cause the other in the relationship to get infected.

However, a study has revealed that men could still transmit the bug to their partner through sex, as it was shown that some who had recovered still had coronavirus in their semen.

Researchers in China analysed samples from 38 men who had contracted Covid-19 – 23 of whom had recovered – with tests revealing that six of them had the infection in their sperm, including two that had gotten over the illness.

Men who have or have had coronavirus are being warned to abstain from sexual intercourse or at the very least use a condom – with fears the virus can last longer in the testes with sex being a way it can spread in its latter stages.

Meanwhile, sex with new people is still advised against at this time  – with travelling to meet sexual partners against the government's lockdown advice.

Experts have also warned that several people who have the virus may not show any symptoms and could easily spread it to others.

Additionally, the general advice is for people to stay at home as much as possible, only going out for essentials such as groceries and medication.

Can I get coronavirus from kissing?

Kissing is one of the higher risk forms of spreading coronavirus due to close contact to partner's respiratory system.

The disease can be spread through droplets of water and mucus from the nose and mouth as a result of coughing and sneezing.

Therefore, kissing can put a person at risk of the virus.


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Can I still see my partner if we don't live together?

It is essential for people to stay home as much as you can.

The Government's directive advises people to only leave the house for items which are absolutely necessary such as groceries and medication.

Non-essential travel on public transport must also be avoided in order to help stop the spread of the disease.

Couples who do not live together must try to practice social distancing, which is keeping two metres away from other people.

Couples can engage in a number of activities together without physically seeing each other.

With the help of technology, couples can watch movies together, which has been made possible by watch parties on streaming services, and even maintain a sex life by participating in some virtual fun.

What should I do if my partner has coronavirus symptoms?

It is important to practice social distancing if your partner develops symptoms of coronavirus.

Your partner must self isolate in a room if you live together for seven days from when the symptoms began.

You can still deliver food to your partner's door if you share the same house.

You must both stay at home for 14 days if you have come into close contact.

You should not share the same bed or sheets.

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