CeeDee Lamb confused by his 5-figure uniform fines next to Aaron Rodgers' $15K fine for COVID breach

A lot of folks thought Aaron Rodgers got off easy for repeatedly violating the NFL's COVID-19 protocols after telling the public in the preseason: "yeah, I've been immunized."

Count CeeDee Lamb among them. 

The Dallas Cowboys wide receiver has reportedly racked up $46,350 in fines for violations this season including having an untucked jersey and his socks too low. The tally also includes a $10,300 fine for waving at the New England Patriots after scoring a game-winning touchdown and another $10,815 for an illegal block against the Carolina Panthers. 

When asked on Wednesday if he's surprised by his repeated fines, Lamb said this:

"Yes, very surprised — actually, very surprised," Lamb told reporters at Cowboys practice.

Rodgers, meanwhile, skated with a $14,560 fine on Tuesday for violating the NFL's COVID-19 protocols. The $3.5 billion Green Bay Packers organization complicit in helping Rodgers conceal his status got by with a $300,000 fine. No suspensions. No lost draft picks.

To be clear, Rodgers misled the media about his vaccination status then repeatedly spoke indoors with media members who believed he was vaccinated while not wearing a mask, thus putting his and the health of everybody else in the room at increased risk amid a pandemic that's killed more than 750,000 Americans. He also put the health of fellow Halloween revelers at risk by attending a party without a mask, a violation that is reportedly the basis of his fine. 

The NFL deemed that repeated breach of public health protocols worthy of fining Rodgers .00043% of his average annual salary of $33.5 million. Lamb, whose average annual salary is $3.5 million, was asked on Wednesday if this disparity annoys him.

"Annoy me? Nah," Lamb said. "Confuse me a lot? Very much so? Yes. I just don’t understand why I’m always the one getting fined for some reason. Untucked jersey, socks too low. I don’t know, bro. I don’t know."

If there's any solace for Lamb in this instance, it's that he's not alone in his confusion.

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