Chicago hijackers armed with guns politely ask victim for car keys

Muggers with manners! Bizarre moment Chicago hijackers armed with guns politely ask victim – who they called ‘sir’ – for his car keys and even hold his pizza for him while he gets them out of his pocket

  • Video shows a group of armed robbers approaching a 36-year-old victim in crime-ridden Chicago Saturday night
  • They ask the man for his keys and hold his pizza as the victim retrieves them
  • The thieves then thank the victim as they make off with his car 

Surveillance footage captured the bizarre moment remarkably polite thieves armed with guns steal a man’s car keys.

The video, obtained by CWB Chicago, shows a group of three men dressed in black clothing approaching a 36-year-old victim Saturday at around 7.30pm, when they ask him for his keys.

The carjackers then hold the pizza the man is carrying as he fishes for his keys. They even thank their victim, and call him ‘sir.’

Police say the incident is just the latest in a string of thefts committed by the group of armed robbers in recent weeks in the crime-ridden city.

Surveillance footage captured the bizarre moment polite carjackers hold their victim’s pizza as he hands over his keys on Saturday night in Chicago

Footage posted online shows four men exit a dark-colored SUV Saturday night in the 600 block of West 29th Street, while an unsuspecting man is walking down the sidewalk across the street carrying at least one pizza box.

Two of the robbers, displaying handguns, then approach the 36-year-old man while a third carrying a rifle sprints across the street. A fourth man could be seen standing near their car.

As the men — dressed in black clothing obscuring their features — surround their victim he screams ‘Whoa’ and appears to try to defend himself.

But a carjacker to his left simply asks him, ‘You got keys?’

When the victim confirms he does, in fact. have car keys on him, the carjacker agrees to hold the victim’s pizza so he can dig his keys out of his pocket.

Once he turns them over to the carjacker to his right, the man on the left checks on him, asking his victim, ‘You good?’ as he returns the man’s pizza.

‘I’m good,’ the victim replies.

‘Alright thank you,’ the carjacker responds, as his accomplice says: ‘Thank you, sir.’

‘You betcha,’ the victim replies, as he takes a drag from his cigarette then walks away.

Chicago police said the suspects drove away from the scene in the victim’s Toyota RAV4. They remain on the loose.

The armed robbers politely ask the man for his keys and thank him when he turns them over

The carjacking came just one week after a man in a black GAP sweater and his friend in a red sweater confronted another victim just two blocks away.

Video from that incident showed the men pushing a victim on top of his white sedan as they fished for his keys outside a local gas station.

They were carrying pistols and a rifle as they jostled their victim, before making off with his car. 

Authorities now say both crimes were committed by the same group of men, whom Chicago police have already issued two public warnings about.

They said the group travels in more than one vehicle to rob and carjack people while displaying firearms and pistols.

The armed thugs have apparently committed several thefts over the past few weeks, targeting people at ATMs, gas stations and on the street for robberies and car thefts.

Police said the group comprises four to five black males between the ages of 15 to 35, who wear ski masks and black clothing. However, some of the victims told police they thought the robbers may have been Hispanic.

Motor vehicle thefts are now up 165 percent over the same time last year, according to police statistics, while thefts are up 24 percent and robberies are up 26 percent.

In total, crime in the Windy City is up 61 percent over last year. 

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