Children trash home of elderly cancer patient and spray 'DIE' on her wall

A group of young teenagers trashed a 72 year-old cancer sufferer’s home as she had live-saving treatment – and even sprayed the word ‘DIE’ inside her home. The victim, who gave her name as Sally, was distressed to find taunting messages saying ‘Hi Sally’ scrawled all over the inside of her home in Grady County, Oklahoma, after completing treatment for liposarcoma.

The targeted abuse also saw obscenities scrawled all over the inside and outside of the secluded property, Its attackers daubed brightly-colored paint all over the interior – including on the TV screen and toilet – and set Sally’s yard alight, damaging a fence.

Sally’s daughter Mindy told KFOR that the hateful vandalism had left her family badly shaken. She said: ‘Imagine someone doing this to your mom’s home. Hurting her in the most tender time of her life.

‘Walking into her home, knowing this was children, it just really hurt her heart.’ Mindy said her mom’s cabin has been so badly damaged that it may have to be demolished, with Sally also keen to erase all memories of the vandalism.

Grady County Sheriff’s Office and the Oklahoma Fire Department said the suspects for the attack are four youngsters, all of whom are aged under 15. They reportedly believed the property to be abandoned, and are said to have discovered Sally’s name after looking at mail that had been placed in its mailbox.

Commenting on a possible motive, Judah Sheppard from the Oklahoma Fire Marshal’s Office said: ‘Right now, our most leading candidate, they were bored.

‘They thought (the house) was abandoned, used for storage.’ Investigators are wrapping up the case, with the unidentified suspects set to face charges including burglary and arson as early as next week.

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