Chinese mother saves her son from death in car park incident

Split-second reflexes! Quick-thinking mother pulls her son clear as car suddenly reverses towards them in China

  • A mother dragged her child to safety in a car park in Yulin City on October 16
  • The small boy was moments from being crushed by an out-of-control car
  • The driver mistook accelerator for the brake pedal and shot backwards  

This is the moment a mother’s quick reflexes stopped her young son being mowed down when a car suddenly shot backwards towards them. 

CCTV footage filmed the dramatic incident in a supermarket car park in the southern Chinese city of Yulin on October 16. 

The white car is seen trying to reverse out of a parking space when it stops and allows a moped to get past. 

A mother was walking behind a parked car with her two children in Yulin in southern China when the vehicle rapidly shot backwards

Moments later, as a mother and her two children are walking behind the car, the driver suddenly reverses at speed and ploughs into another parked car. 

The mother spots the danger and instinctively steps back into the path of the car to grab her young son, and swing him out of harm’s way.

The little boy was directly behind the vehicle and probably could not be seen by the driver.  

The mother grabbed her youngest son who was moments away from being crushed to death

The white car continued backwards crashing into a black car which was shunted over a raised kerbstone 

After checking her child, the mother goes to the driver’s side of the car and begins banging on the window.  

A few moments later the driver gets out and walks to the rear of his vehicle to inspect the damage. 

A witness removed the keys from the ignition to prevent the man from driving off. 

Local media said the driver may have mistaken the throttle for the brake, given how quickly he shot backwards. 

Yulin police, from the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region said they had dealt with the driver.  

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