Chris Watts used a fake Tinder profile while trying to find women

Killer dad Chris Watts used a fake photo on his Tinder profile while trying to find women for sexual encounters, reveals mistress who told authorities about his ‘aggressive nature’

  • Amanda McMahon is seen speaking with a detective in the Chris Watts investigation in video obtained by 
  • She tells the detective that Watts used a fake photo on his Tinder profile and that the two met just once for sex 
  • McMahon met up with Chris Watts in March after the two had been speaking on Tinder for a few weeks 
  • The two then returned to her house where they had sexual relations, with McMahon stating that Watts had a ‘rape fantasy’ 
  • She also said she had to push him off her at one point when he ‘tried to stick it in my butt’ 
  • This was the only time the two met, and McMahon said she learned of the murders through Shanann’s friend 

Chris Watts used a fake photo on his Tinder profile but his real name according to one of his mistresses.

Video of Amanda McMahon’s interview with police was obtained by police, and reveals new details about the one-night stand she claims the two had back in March. 

McMahon expresses a hesitancy to say too much throughout the interview and is clear that her meeting with Watts was just a one-time thing and for sex, and says that she was glad when he left because of his aggressive nature while the two were being intimate.

She also accurately describes his tattoos when asked by the detective in the case, and correctly states that he did not have any inkings on his legs.

During the interview McMahon also reveals that she has been suspended from her job after coming forward to claim she had a relationship with Watts. 

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Revelations: Amanda McMahon (above) is seen speaking with a detective in the Chris Watts investigation in video obtained by

Another mistress: McMahon (above) met up with Chris Watts in March after the two had been speaking on Tinder. They went to her place and had sex 

As was previously revealed in investigation documents released last month, McMahon said that she and Watts first connected on Tinder, and agreed to meet up one night in March of 2018 at the parking lot of a local Chick-fil-A.

The date was not meant to be the start of a relationship however, and McMahon said that the two were only joining up for physical purposes.

That is why they made their way to McMahon’s house shortly after they met up and engaged in intimate relations.

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It was a very one-sided tryst though according to McMahon, who said that Watts was clearly playing out a ‘rape fantasy’ on her that night.

‘When I asked her to explain she said Watts was very rough and described seeing Watts’ face and tattoos,’ wrote the investigator who spoke with Watts in the report.

‘I asked Amanda to tell me what happened after they left the Chick-fil-A. She said Watts followed her to apartment, [redacted]. Upon arrival they went inside her apartment and described things as “really fast and aggressive.”‘

The investigator then pressed her for more details.

‘I asked Amanda to describe what she meant about Watts being aggressive with her. Amanda said she was told not to say too much without an attorney present to prevent incriminating herself. I informed her I was interviewing her as a witness and not as a suspect,’ said the report, which was obtained by

‘Regarding Watts’ alleged rough behavior, Amanda said she was humiliated, it was weird and that Watts attempted to “stick it in her butt.” Amanda said Watts also pulled her hair and put his arms around her neck. She described it as a “rape fantasy.”

Gone: Watts met up with McMahon months before the death of wife Shanann (pair above)

The report continued: ‘Amanda explained (and demonstrated) she had to push Watts off her at one point.’

There was nothing that Watts did however which led McMahon to believe that he would have killed his family or carried out the violent killings of his wife and daughters.

Textual relations: McMahon had posted on a message board (above) after the murder

‘Amanda said their meeting was just about sex and “It’s kinda funny now” because Watts is a “killer,”‘ read the report.

‘Amanda explained she didn’t suspect anything and “no radars went off or anything” but that it was scary because Watts was in her home.’

She also revealed how she learned of the murders.

‘Amanda said she received numerous messages regarding the Facebook post but no longer had the messages. She said the messages started after she posted in a sleuth chat group she met Watts on Tinder,’ read the report.

‘Amanda said after making that post she was being harassed and contacted by many people including media reporters.’

It then went on to state: ‘Amanda said Nicole Utoft was her manager at Supercuts in 2013 and was also Shanann’s best friend. Amanda said she saw Nicole’s Facebook post about Shanann missing.’



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