City closing Glenmore Trail pedestrian underpass due to ‘drug use and social disorder’

The city of Calgary is shutting down the Glenmore Trail pedestrian underpass due to what they say are “regular incidents of drug use and social disorder.”

“Through routine checks in the area, officers have identified the underpass as a location for consistent criminal activity,” said Calgary police Const. Jake Tyerman in a news release Monday. “Working with our partners, we support the decision to close this overpass as it directly addresses the unintended consequences of an under-utilized public space.”

The city said they conducted a study of the area and concluded that a closure “was the best course of action.” An average of about 14 people a day use the underpass, the city said.

“Following the closure, the north sidewalk ramps, as well as the south stairway and sidewalk, will remain open to maintain the pedestrian connection across the LRT tracks,” the city said.

The city said they will begin work to close up the tunnel on Dec. 11, depending on the weather. Signs will be posted in the area to alert pedestrians about the closure.

Pedestrians can cross the Glenmore Trail at Macleod Trail and Fairmount Drive.


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