Cleanup of jet fuel spill near Guelph being monitored during spring thaw: minister

Ontario Environment Minister Rod Phillips says government officials are closely monitoring the cleanup of a jet fuel spill near Guelph now that the spring thaw is underway.

Phillips was asked about the status of the cleanup near Highway 401 and Highway 6 North during a news conference in Cambridge on Wednesday.

“The team has been on the ground, and the company has been fulfilling its obligations to make sure the cleanup happens,” Phillips said, noting there has been no proof of any adverse impact to wildlife.

“The Ministry of Environment scientists and the Spills Action Team haven’t been able to confirm any of that,” he said. “We’re monitoring it constantly and very aware, as the weather fluctuates, of the need to make sure we’re protecting wildlife.”

A tanker truck carrying over 40,000 litres of jet fuel rolled over following a collision on Jan. 13 and spilled its contents onto the road and into nearby creeks.

Contaminants from the spill were found as far away as the Shade’s Mills Conservation Area in Cambridge.

The Grand River Conservation Authority banned ice fishing at Shade’s Mills for the season.

Phillips said that in response to the spring thaw, several booms have been put in place.

“Be assured, we are watching, particularly in the thaw,” he said.

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