Condo association threatens LI parents with $150 fine after kid plays outside

A Long Island couple claims their condominium association threatened them with a $150 fine — over their 4-year-old son playing outside.

Robert and Angelica Parker were floored when they received the letter from Marie Dellafranca, vice president of South Shore Villas Condominium Association, on May 20, PIX11 reported.

Dellafranca took issue with their son, Liam, riding his tricycle and scooter along a grassy triangle in front of the Parkers’ unit. She claimed in the letter that “rules and regulations in the bylaws” prohibited kids from playing on “common area grounds.”

“Please take this as a precaution measure so that we would not have to enforce the fine that is associated with this. It is $150 per violation,” read the letter, obtained by the network.

At the bottom, someone hand-wrote, “Second and last reminder. Thank you for understanding this matter is an insurance liability as well.”

But the Parkers said nothing in the 38 pages of bylaws mentions children being prohibited from playing outside.

“I never read anything that said children can’t play outside,” Robert told PIX11.

“Otherwise we wouldn’t have bought the place,” Angelica added.

The Parkers said other parents whose children play outside haven’t received the same threat, so they’ve filed a complaint with the New York State Human Rights Division against the association.

Vincent Dellafranca, Marie’s husband, whose company built the complex, told PIX11 that the rules were written by the state Attorney General’s Office.

“We just follow the rules. We don’t make them,” he said.

But the AG’s Office told PIX11, “The Office of Attorney General does not have oversight of condo bylaws.”

“There’s nothing wrong with a child playing outside. It’s part of living in a condominium,” said Robert. “This isn’t an over-55 or a senior community. Children should have the same rights here as anyone else.”

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