Coronavirus UK news update – EU threatens British lives by vowing to block ALL UK-bound vaccines in AstraZeneca row

A SHAMELESS senior EU official threatened British lives today by vowing to block all UK-bound vaccines from reaching us.

Thierry Breton, the EU's internal market commissioner, said 'zero' AstraZeneca jabs made in Europe would be allowed to be shipped to Britain in the latest shocking development in the continent's covid crisis.

Breton's outrageous comments come after the EU accused AstraZeneca of missing its delivery targets by tens of millions of doses and breaching its contract with the bloc.

Last week the EU appeared to back down on threats to stop vaccine supplies to Britain as punishment, with the UK government insisting it was "confident" the supply line wouldn't be affected.

Britain's AstraZeneca doses are currently all produced domestically, and Pfizer jabs are imported from the EU.

But Breton's vow suggests the EU may still go back on its word and attempt to seize vaccines we desperately need in the UK to keep our lockdown roadmap to freedom on track.

Thanks to our superspeed vaccine roll-out, Brits are looking forward to a summer of freedom as we now considered the best-placed major European nation to cope with the recently emerged third-wave of the virus.

France has seen cases triple since early February to nearly 60,000 cases a day, with doctors in overwhelmed hospitals forced to choose which Covid patients get a ventilator.

And today Pfizer accused the EU of delaying the supply of its jabs to countries battling Covid which are in desperate need of vaccines.

The EU's crisis is also driven by its shambolic vaccine procurement scheme which is riddled with red tape and has seen France and Germany accused of prioritising their own interests ahead of smaller less wealthy EU nations.

On top of this shameless disinformation from the likes of France's President Emmanuel Macron and other senior leaders means many Europeans are now too scared to have the vaccines.

There's a stark contrast between the queues of Brits lining up for their jabs compared with vaccine centres in the EU that appear nearly empty as so few people are showing up to get their dose.

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    Dr Jenny Harries said the UK was "not fully prepared" for the Covid-19 pandemic.

    She told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "We were not fully prepared for this pandemic and, as I've said, I'm very happy to accept there is an awful lot to learn.

    "I think we share some of those failings with many other countries."

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    A staggering 99.25 per cent of Brits have turned up to their second jab appointments so far, The Sun can reveal.

    Official figures reveal 270,526 vulnerable Brits got their second shots on Tuesday – taking the total number of fully immunised adults to 4.1million.

    Ministers say April will be the “second dose month”, as the UK flew past the 30.9 million milestone of first doses – with millions needing their second jab after 12 weeks.

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    A man who dropped off a gift during his daily exercise has received a £200 fine for breaking lockdown rules.

    John Bradshaw, 59, was on his regular walk from his home in Leek, Saffs, to nearby Endon when he delivered a book and DVD to a house.

    He also hand-delivered a small number of letters through the letter-boxes of other homes.

    But the following day he was visited by police who had received a complaint that Mr Bradshaw had breached Covid-19 regulations – and was issued with a £200 fixed penalty notice.

    Mr Bradshaw said: “I didn’t think that giving a gift was breaching the rules.”

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    Skills minister Gillian Keegan has said that NHS Test and Trace was "not a perfect system" as it relied on people "doing the right thing".

    She told Sky News: "9.6 million people have actually been traced. We're doing millions and millions of tests a day, we're collecting a lot of data from those tests as well, 6.4 million people have been contact-traced as well.

    "Is the system perfect? No, it's not, because it relies, obviously, on people doing the right thing.

    "It relies on people getting a test and it relies on people obviously isolating if they are positive.

    "So, it's not a perfect system, but it's certainly a very effective system."

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    Professor Adam Finn, from the University of Bristol and a member of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), said there had been "no problems so far" in the trial on teenagers using the AstraZeneca vaccine.

    He said permission was expected to be granted shortly to recruit younger children from the age of five.

    He told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "Also, (we are) looking forward to studies in teenagers and also younger children with the Janssen vaccine, which we've been hearing about as another vaccine coming through for use, so quite a lot going on now in children."

    He said decisions on vaccinating children "will come later in the summer".

    He added: "I think what we'll be seeing really is the impact of the vaccine programme so far as we move down through the adult population, and forming an opinion as to whether it's going to be necessary to immunise children as well in order to keep the virus under control."

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    Wales First Minister Mark Drakeford said he hopes Boris Johnson will push back the potential May 17 date for the UK resuming international travel by the time he addresses the nation next week.

    He told Good Morning Britain: "I've long argued that it is over-optimistic, that it doesn't reflect the risk of reimporting coronavirus from other parts of the world where there are new variants in circulation."

    Mr Drakeford said the newest lockdown in France in response to rising cases of Covid-19 there was evidence of "how close to this country some of those risks are currently being experienced".

    "When the Prime Minister speaks next week I hope that he will say that date is having to be pushed back further into the future in order to go on protecting the United Kingdom against the developments we see elsewhere in the world", he said.

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    The UK'S Covid infection rate is lower than 25 of 27 EU countries after the success of Britain's vaccine rollout.

    Britain's daily case numbers have slumped by 28 per cent in a week, official figures show.

    The UK is now the best-placed major European nation as a third-wave wreaks havoc on the continent.

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