Cracks Appearing In Trump Relationship With 'Fox News,' Suggests 'MSNBC' Contributor

As detailed by a previous Inquisitr report, Donald Trump appears to have developed a mutually beneficial relationship with Fox News. The president and the conservative network sometimes operate in coordination. Studies have found that the conservative network is shaping Trump’s Twitter rhetoric, as he often repeats its talking points, sometimes directly quoting his favorite pundits.

For instance, a video recently released by nonprofit media watchdog group Media Matters shows Donald Trump directly repeating Sean Hannity’s talking points, in an effort to smear Special Counsel Robert Mueller and other opponents of his agenda. According to other reports, Trump talks to Hannity multiple times during the day, sometimes discussing the host’s show.

But all of that could soon change, according to MSNBC contributor Gabriel Sherman. In today’s edition of AM Joy, host Joy Reid played video footage of Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano briefing the conservative network’s pundits on the fact that Donald Trump may have broken the law, and shocking host Steve Doocy, Raw Story reports. The video prompted Sherman to conclude that “some people at Fox can’t stay on the talking points.”

Sherman said that, while Fox News has not abandoned Trump yet, moments like Napolitano’s demonstrate that the network could turn on Trump.

“The question is, when does the audience turn on Trump? This is a ratings game for Fox. If they start to see the ratings erode, you’ll see more and more hosts break with the Steve Doocy.”

“I love in the clip where Steve Doocy was shocked,” Sherman continued. “He was like — there was like a glitch in the Matrix and suddenly like truth came through and he said, ‘What crime had he committed?’”

Media analyst Eric Boehler added that Fox News viewers “utterly reject” coverage that can be considered “fair and balanced,” but predicted that the conservative news channel will soon “not be enough” for President Trump, who appears to continually get himself in legal and other trouble.

While it remains to be seen whether Fox News will completely turn on Donald Trump, some of the network’s most prominent host are starting to openly criticize the president. In an interview with Swiss weekly magazine Die Weltwoche, Tucker Carlson called Trump out for failing to deliver on a slew of key campaign promises: Building a border wall, repealing Obamacare, and de-funding planned parenthood.

According to Carlson, Donald Trump is “not capable of sustained focus,” and has a hard time understanding the American political system.

More recently, as reported by the Inquisitr, in another potential sign of trouble for Trump, Fox News contributor Andrew McCarthy slammed the president for using “mobster lingo” to describe his former lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen.

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