Cuomo: It’s a lie to say we didn’t work with Trump

Fact check on The Post and Michael Goodwin: To say we didn’t try to work with Trump is just a lie. The Post published our efforts to stop, and then repeal, the Trump SALT tax increase. The only increase in taxes in the state of New York since I have been governor has been the Trump SALT increase.

The Post also published my multiple meetings with the president to request assistance on the Gateway Tunnels, the 2nd Avenue Subway and the LaGuardia Airtrain.

I had numerous phone calls and meetings with White House officials, Cabinet secretaries and legislators to request help. I even produced a video I sent to the president showing decay of the Gateway Tunnel.

Trump tweeted that he would fund the 2nd Avenue subway months ago, but the funding never happened. None of these efforts made any progress.

The president has done nothing positive for New York, despite repeated attempts at cooperative efforts. Indeed, his only actions have been hurtful to our state.

Maybe The Post’s Goodwin should consider advocating for New York, rather than just his partisan politics.

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