Cyclists pedal the wrong way into oncoming traffic

Terrifying moment cyclists pedal the wrong way round a roundabout heading TOWARDS four lanes of traffic

  • A HGV driver had to blast his horn to stop three cyclists from colliding with him
  • The cyclists mistakingly went the wrong way around a roundabout in Portsmouth
  • They were cycling into oncoming traffic until  Arkadiusz Gwóźdź hooted at them

Dashboard footage filmed three cyclists heading towards oncoming traffic after they pedalled the wrong way around a roundabout.  

Arkadiusz Gwóźdź was driving a heavy goods vehicle in Portsmouth when he had to stop the cyclists from pedalling into him. 

He blasted his horn to stop them and show them they were going the wrong way. 

Pictured: Three cyclists in Portsmouth who had gone the wrong way around a roundabout straight into oncoming traffic

‘When I realised that the cyclists were going to cut my path I was thinking about few things at once,’ he said. 

Arkadiusz was worried that if he braked hard someone behind would drive into him. 

The vehicle was not carrying any load at the time which Arkadiusz thinks is the reason he did not crash into the cyclists. 

‘If I was fully loaded I don’t think I would have been able to stop in time,’ he said. 

Heavy goods vehicle driver  Arkadiusz Gwóźdź blasted his horn so that the cyclists would realise they were turning into oncoming traffic and stop

Arkadiusz said he is often in situations where he has to prevent accidents between his vehicle, an articulated HGV, from crashing into other cars. 

He said: ‘To be fair it was not as scary for me as it hopefully was for those cyclists.’ 

By June last year 27,820 people were killed or seriously injured in road accidents, of that 3,790 of those people were cyclists, according to the Department for Transport. 

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