Dad of high-class escort screams at killer banker as family reveal agony of how violin-playing private schoolgirl's secret life led to her murder

Banker Zahid Naseem, 48, will be an OAP before he is eligible for parole after being found guilty of bludgeoning Christina Abbotts 13 times on the back of the head on May 26 this year.

The £250k-a-year consultant had become 'obsessed' with escorts and brutally attacked Christina after paying for sex at a property she was house-sitting in Crawley, Sussex.

He tried to cover his tracks by pretending to be unconscious when police broke down the door of the home and then claimed he had acted in self-defence when she tried to strangle him during sex.

Her father Michael Abbotts was waiting for the sick killer when he arrived at Lewes Crown Court ahead of sentencing today.

He screamed: "You killed my f***ing daughter. You bastard, you should be ashamed of yourself. You're scum. You're scum."

Naseem, from Amersham, Bucks, showed little emotion as he was handed a life sentence.

Judge Christine Laing told him: "You seem to have become obsessed with escorts and you had a drugs and alcohol addition that was becoming out of control.

"When I consider the extent of all the injuries, you inflicted considerable pain. The terror of her final few moments of life is unimaginable."

Christine, originally from Stourbridge, West Mids, led a secret life as a £3,500-a-night escort called 'Tilly Pexton' and told her family she was working in IT in the capital.

Michael, 68, said: "I never knew about her past. I just knew her as my daughter."

Aunt Christine Abbotts, 59, said: "She just did not seem that kind of girl. She went to university and was always well-dressed and well-spoken.

"I have known Christina for more than 20 years and when she was a child she loved playing the violin. She was always a happy-go-lucky child."

The former private schoolgirl was found after she failed to turn up to her 29th birthday party in South Kensington.

She is thought to have been dead for around 12 hours before she was discovered in the early hours of May 26.

Christina was last seen on CCTV shopping for bottles of champagne in an Asda supermarket with Naseem.

At one point, Naseem can be seen giving Christina a kiss on the head as they stand in one of the aisles.

The dad-of-two told the court the pair had naked, being intimate, drinking and taking drugs' as well as having a bath together.

When he was initially questioned by police, Naseem said: "I can't turn the clock back, I can't change things. But do I wish any of this outcome?

"No. It's two lives ruined and many others as well, probably."

The trial heard Naseem had hired escorts for nearly a decade when his own 'whirlwind romance' fizzled out.

He described himself as a 'devoted' father who spent all his spare time with his children.

But a jury saw through his lies and took less than four hours to convict him of murder.

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