DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Tax cuts are welcome return to Tory values

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Tax cuts are welcome return to Tory values

For some time, the Daily Mail has urged Boris Johnson to return to belts-and-braces Tory values to help those struggling with the cost of living squeeze.

So we are delighted the Prime Minister has heeded the message – with a highly encouraging vision for a triple tax cut.

As inflation soars above 9 per cent, putting more money in people’s pockets will help them with everything from heating their homes to putting food on the table.

The nuts and bolts of this masterplan? 

Boris is considering changes to Universal Credit to boost three million people’s income.

Emergency council tax cuts are on the table. 

And the Chancellor has vowed to trim company levies to turbocharge investment.

The Daily Mail is urging Boris Johnson to help those struggling with the cost of living squeeze and he has a vision for a triple tax cut

Inflation, of course, is a global phenomenon, driven by Covid supply chain issues and the Ukraine war. 

But tax cuts can not only assist keeping the wolf at bay, but generate spending, growth and employment.

Ludicrously, the trade unions have threatened strike action in the event of wage restraints. 

There is nothing more guaranteed to further fuel inflation – and lead to job losses – than reckless pay increases.

Boris is right – at last – to put his faith in the tried-and-tested Tory way.

Vindictive class war

Do the antediluvian rail unions want to exhaust whatever public sympathy remains for their tedious and often manufactured grievances?

If so, they’re going the right way about it by threatening Tube strikes during the Queen’s Jubilee extravaganza next month.

By closing key stations and lines, the Trotskyites will bring misery to thousands eager to join the historic celebrations. 

Such militancy is designed to cause maximum disruption to the largest number of people.

The RMT claims industrial action is justified in a dispute over managerial bullying. 

But if this has been going on for years, as the union says, why not address it before now?

Tube strikes may interrupt the Queen’s Jubilee extravaganza next month

The truth is, the union’s class-war throwbacks would take vindictive glee in spoiling Her Majesty’s Jubilee weekend.

Pathetically, Sir Keir Starmer refuses to condemn the strike threat. 

Does he secretly approve of their antics? 

Or is he a coward who doesn’t want to upset the people who really run the Labour Party?

Red card for Starmer

Sir Keir’s Beergate defence has fallen apart so dramatically it wouldn’t look out of place in a pub football league.

With puritanical piety, Labour’s leader insisted he’d had a spur-of-the-moment curry and beer while working in Durham last year – in line with strict lockdown laws.

But today, we reveal he posed for photos and mingled with football supporters.

If Rishi Sunak can get fined for singing Happy Birthday in No10, surely shifty Starmer is guilty of a glaring rule breach?

Labour leader Keir Starmer’s spur-of-the-moment curry and beer in Durham last year may have breached lockdown rules

The QC portrays himself as a man of unassailable integrity. 

Yet he’s repeatedly been caught telling downright untruths.

The police probe continues, but two key witnesses haven’t yet been contacted.

Detectives must do their job thoroughly – not cut corners for political expediency.

A criminals’ charter

The first duty of government is to keep the public safe. Yet every broken promise to deport foreign criminals puts us in danger.

Yesterday, 112 offenders – among them killers – were due to be returned to Jamaica. No prizes for guessing what happened.

Supported by Labour MPs, Left-wing lawyers exploited our shambolic immigration system to win all but seven last-gasp reprieves, many on dubious human rights grounds. 

The upshot? 

These undesirables again stalk our streets.

As for the rights of their victims and the rest of us, they count for nothing.

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