Deputy lifts up car to free woman pinned underneath

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A Virginia deputy could be seen on video lifting up a car to free a woman trapped underneath.

Gloucester County Sheriff’s Deputy Jon Holt jumped into superhero mode after he saw an out-of-control car flip over last May.

Officials released bodycam video of the incident on Tuesday, and Holt spoke to 13 News Now about his efforts.

“So I was on the scene, I observed the vehicle upside down with one of the juvenile occupants outside the vehicle,” Holt told the local station. 

As Holt bolts to the car, another child inside could be heard screaming that his mother was stuck.

“He said she can’t breathe and you know, calling to his mother… at that point her head was pinned underneath the vehicle,” Holt said. 

After the deputy got the child out of the car, the body camera video fades to black, but the sound of Holt using all his might to lift the car is audible.

“At that point, I put my shoulder into the doorframe and braced as best I could and I said, ‘All I have to do is just stand up.’ That’s what all I was telling myself, and at that point with as much effort as I could, I tried to stand up and stood up enough so she could free herself and was able to start breathing,” Holt explained to 13 News Now. 

The woman he saved is expected to recover.

“Last I knew that she was doing OK and you know, medical staff believed that she will be OK and released,” he said. 

The sheriff’s deputy told the station he was just doing his job.

“You know I’m just average cop and you know it’s what we do. And thinking of doing anything different is you know out of the question,” Holt reportedly said. 

Holt — a military veteran who served in Iraq — pulled two people from a burning house just two months before freeing the woman from the car.

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