‘Disgusting’ bloke uses filthy train seat as a dining table while sitting cross-legged on floor

THIS is the stomach-churning moment a "disgusting" bloke uses a filthy train seat as a dining table while sitting cross-legged on the floor.

The sickening photo shows a man sitting on the floor as he digs in his takeaway meal while travelling on a service in Perth.

The passenger, dressed in jeans and a dark T-shirt, was spotted using the train seat as a table and a plate as he casually continued scrolling on his phone.

The disgusting image was posted on Facebook by The Bell Tower Times, on Monday.

The caption reads "Improvise, adapt, overcome. Don't miss out on all those seat flavours".

Facebook users were shocked someone would choose to eat their meal off a train seat.

"And when he's finished he can choose any flavour chewy from under the seat," one user said.

"Yum yum the taste of a**," another one said.

One Facebook user said "Gotta love some eggs, bacon and bodily fluids in the morning."

A comment reads "Nothing like a bit of butt salt as seasoning!" while another one says "Can't wait to sit on his honey chicken on my way to the footy"

"I don't like putting my arse on those seats, let alone eating my fricken beef rendang off them!" a comment reads.

"Perth Trains are great. I take my kids on them every time we are in Perth. Cheaper than the zoo.." another comment reads.

Previously a man was filmed cutting his toenails while on a busy Sydney train.

The barefoot passenger was spotted by a Reddit user who shared the sickening video of the man trimming his toenails, letting the clippings fall on the floor.

Many disgusted social media users said that unfortunately it wasn't the first time they had seen something like this.

Last March, a woman was filmed weeing on atrain and then wiping her soaked hand on the seats, after a night out in Sydney.

The video showing her squatting between the seats and laughing had gone viral at the time, with social media users calling her "feral" and "vulgar".

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