Dithering Remainer MPs must unite over Brexit for the sake of our country – anything else is a shameful betrayal

Dithering MPs must unite for country

Nearly half brand the behaviour of MPs “a complete and utter disgrace” and 40 per cent say any delay in the UK leaving the EU would be “unacceptable”.

So, The Sun on Sunday names and shames some of those politicians who claim to support democracy but flatly fail to represent the views of their constituents.

Dozens who serve the constituencies where voters backed Brexit are betraying the trust of those people by deliberately dithering or pushing back on the March leaving date agreed in Article 50.

Prominent among them is Cabinet rebel and leading Remoaner Amber Rudd.

Almost 56 per cent of her Hastings constituency voted to leave. Regardless, she broke ranks to push the Prime ­Minister into abandoning No Deal, undermining the Government’s negotiating position.

Such shenanigans must end. If Theresa May can win sufficient concessions from Brussels to allay genuine fears over the Northern Ireland backstop, MPs must unite behind her.

As the Attorney General Geoffrey Cox has said, the future of the next generation is at stake, and further delay will resolve nothing.

Remainer MPs must put their trust in the people and their faith in the ability of this great country to prosper once we are outside the EU.

Anything else is a shameful betrayal.

A generation blighted

BRITAIN’S knife crime epidemic is nothing short of a national scandal.

When will our politicians grasp the utterly terrifying scale of a crisis which is blighting the lives of an entire ­generation?

Last June our Beat The Blades campaign set out solid aims for more youth funding, tougher sentencing and a crackdown on knife possession.

The response has been sluggish and pitifully ineffective.

As we report on page 24, slain Jaden Moodie fell victim to gang crime after being expelled from school and left to the mercy of the streets.

And Girl Scout Jodie Chesney is the 18th victim so far this year . . . and it is only March 3.
Her smiling face outside Number 10 is a bitter reminder of how the system is failing young people of all backgrounds.

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