Doctor 'murdered husband in front of their kids after he gave her a look'

A doctor shot and killed her husband in front of their two young children after claiming he’d given her ‘a look’, according to police. Kathleen Jourdan, 31, allegedly murdered her 35 year-old spouse Joshua after he pulled over by the side of a road in Nebraska during an argument on June 17.

That tiff reportedly saw Joshua Jourdan call a pal in Georgia to mediate, only for his wife to pull a pistol out of their car’s center console and shoot him dead. She later claimed to police that her husband had given her ‘a look’ and raised his arm towards her in a way that made her fear for her and her family’s safety.

Joshua died after being struck twice in the chest. Jourdan’s two sons, who were in the back of the car and witnessed their dad’s death, escaped the bloodbath uninjured. The family were in the process of moving from Omaha to Scottsdale in Nebraska when the murder took place.

After allegedly killing her husband, Jourdan dialed 911 to say what had happened, then remained in her car until police arrived. She faces a charge of second-degree murder, and will be freed if she can pay 10% of her $1million bail and surrender her passport.

The Lincoln Journal-Star reported that Jourdan works as a a resident physician in the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Family Medicine Residency Program. She has been placed on administrative leave.

Further details on the horrific killing – including whether the Jourdans had been experiencing any difficulties in their marriage – have not yet been shared by police.

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