Dog attacks hit record high with more than 8,500 hospital admissions in the past year – The Sun

DOG attacks have hit a record high, figures show.

Hospital admissions for injuries totalled 8,507 in the last year — more than 23 a day and up 62 per cent in a decade.

The Royal College of Surgeons said the rising trend for small dogs was partly to blame as many owners were unaware of the “significant damage” they can inflict.

Data released by NHS Digital showed London saw more than 600 admissions.

There were 435 in Greater Manchester, 415 in St Helens and Knowsley, Merseyside, and 365 in Essex.

Charmaine Beresford, whose five-year-old daughter’s face was mauled in Honeybourne, Worcs, said: “It’s shocking so many of these attacks are happening.”

Molly was mauled when Charmaine took her along to a stranger’s house to pick up some furniture being advertised on Facebook.

She had to be taken to hospital and given 36 stitches.

Charmaine added: “What we went through was absolutely horrendous and Molly is lucky to be alive.

“I have got two dogs myself and Molly is fine with them but I just want to make other people and owners aware of how important it is to make sure their animals are under control.”

RSPCA dog welfare expert Dr Samantha Gaines said: “Providing the right training and positive experiences will help shape well-rounded, friendly dogs but it’s also crucial that people – adults and, specifically, children learn how to act around dogs, how to have positive interactions with dogs, and how to understand their body language and behaviour."

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