Dog owners warned as pooch's paws are BURNED off after walk on icy grass

Doting owner Sarah Garner, 31, has issued a warning after her seven-year-old Border Collie, Chase, stripped the skin from his paws in the cold weather.

Sarah took her beloved pet Chase out on January 31 but had to cut the walk short when she saw blood on the grass.

She examined his paws and found that the overnight freeze on the ground had burned them.

Chase was then rushed to the vet where his feet were cleaned, dressed and he was administered with pain relief before receiving laser treatment to help with the healing.

Sarah, from Worcester, said: "The vets think he will be out of action for the next two weeks, and he has to wear waterproof bags on his feet while the dressings are helping.

"I'm sharing my story in hope that people will realise the damage the cold can do to a dogs paws and either refrain from taking them out when it's really cold, or get them snow shoes."

Sarah has since bought Chase a pair of snow boots to stop him from hurting himself next time they go for a walk.

She said: "Once he's allowed to go back out for walks he's going to be wearing snow boots to stop this from happening again.

"It's really sad to see him how he is now, and see the evident pain that he went through, but hopefully with the shoes this won't happen again."

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