Dramatic video shows monster volcano eruption swallowing an island in New Zealand

White Island? More like what island.

Dramatic footage of New Zealand’s White Island volcano eruption that claimed at least five lives shows a towering plume of smoke and ash seemingly blocking out the roughly 1.25-square-mile island.

“My god, White Island volcano in New Zealand erupted today for [the] first time since 2001,” Twitter user Michael Schade wrote alongside a video of the aftermath. “Boat ride home tending to people our boat rescued was indescribable.”

Other passengers on the boat appear audibly shaken, according to the clip, which was shot shortly after the volcano blew its top around 2:15 p.m. local time.

One man can be heard repeatedly saying, “no,” while another person appears to be crying.

Police Deputy Commissioner John Tims said the death toll was likely to rise.

He said 23 people had been taken from the island, including those with injuries.

But as of Monday night local time, rescue personnel were unable to access the island due to dangerous conditions, Sims said, according to The New Zealand Herald.

“At this stage it is too dangerous for police and rescue to go onto the island … the island is currently covered in ash and volcanic material,” he said.

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