Drunk and aggressive Brit who forced plane to turn around faces £115k lawsuit

A drunk Brit who forced a flight from Canada to London to turn around has been jailed and ordered to pay £12,000.

And he could face a further £100,000 bill if the airline demands compensation from him.

David Stephen Young, 44, was filmed being thrown off the Westjet flight, which was forced to return to Calgary International Airport in Alberta, Western Canada.

He admitted violently resisting arrest and failing to comply with in-flight security protocols, and was jailed for 10 days.

His lawyer, Michelle Parhar, said that Young was a recovering alcoholic who had been clean 18 months but had returned to drinking after a death in the family and after getting a divorce.

He had been in Canada visiting his mum in British Columbia over the Christmas holidays and before boarding the flight had drunk six alcoholic drinks.

The court heard that he had become aggressive towards the flight attendants and another passenger.

Reports state he repeatedly tried to use the lavatory during takeoff. Then he is said to have tried to use the toilet when the seat belt light was on in flight and when he was told to return to his seat, he forced his way inside the toilet anyway, and then continued to be aggressive upon returning to his seat.

Reports state that after about an hour of his antics, the decision was taken to turn the plane around and fly back to Calgary.

The plane had to dump an unspecified quantity of fuel before landing back at Calgary. He was met by police, as can be seen in the footage, and was escorted off the plane.

He was charged with criminal harassment, causing a disturbance and assaulting a police officer.

The Brit has now been handed a whopping £12,270 fine by a judge to cover the airline’s fuel costs.

He was also sentenced to 10 days in prison but was released after the trial as he had already served that time in pretrial detention.

Sentencing him on Tuesday, Judge Brian Stevenson was quoted in local media as saying that while the restitution was necessary to compensate the airline for its losses, it also served to "send a message to the general public about what will happen if they break the law in a similar fashion".

He added: "One has to feel some sympathy for the accused but as in all criminal legislation, it is trite to say that the voice of the victim must also be heard."

According to local media, Young is expected to be sent back to the United Kingdom in the coming days and has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings since then.

His lawyer, Parhar, also said that it will be very difficult for Young to go back to Canada again. She added that once he returns to Britain, he will be "essentially barred from entering Canada, barred from seeing his mother".

But his troubles may not be over yet as according to reports, although the court approved a figure to cover the lost fuel, WestJet’s additional costs for passenger compensation payments are expected to exceed £115,448 which it might seek to obtain from Young in a civil suit.

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