Drunk Man-U fans chant for air hostess, 25, to 'get her t**s out'

Ryanair hostess reveals crass chants ‘drunk’ football fans sang telling her to ‘get her t**s out’ on flight to Barcelona

  • Chloe Harrison, 25, filmed the lewd Manchester United fans during two-hour trip
  • One of the drunken revellers even asked the hostess to go to the toilet with them 

A Ryanair hostess has been left stunned after a gang of ‘drunk’ Manchester United fans chanted for her to ‘get her t**s out’ on a rowdy flight to Spain. 

Chloe Harrison had only been in the job for three months when she was forced to deal with the lewd gaggle of supporters – with one even inviting her into the toilet with them. 

The 25-year-old had been warned by her supervisor that ‘some’ United fans might be on the flight, but nothing prepared her for what she was about to endure.

Ms Harrison was part of the team working on the two-hour flight from Manchester to Barcelona on February 15, that set off at 6pm – with footage of the journey having now been viewed millions of times online.

After the cabin crew reportedly sold out of all their beer and vodka, the rowdy men started chanting her name, having overheard it during a flight announcement.

Chloe Harrison had only been in the job for three months when she was forced to deal with the lewd gaggle of supporters on a flight from Manchester to Barcelona, Spain, earlier this month

The baffled staff member claims they chanted ‘get your t**s out’, but also sang ‘we love you Chloe, we do’ and even ‘shoes off if you love Chloe’, while brandishing one shoe in the air.

The fans also ruthlessly mocked her poor colleague, singing ‘she serves to the left, she serves to the right, Chloe makes the other flight attendant look like s***e’.

Ms Harrison said she was mostly unfazed by the attention on the two-hour flight, even sharing clips of it on TikTok where it racked up more than 2.7million views.

Ms Harrison, from Audenshaw, Greater Manchester, said: ‘I turned up on the flight and my cabin supervisor told me “we’ve got a few football fans on, it should be okay, they seem alright”.

‘I walked to the back of the plane and looked and it was just full of men. There were like three women on the flight.’

Ms Harrison soon realised the flight was going to be a ‘nightmare’ when the fans started their chants during the safety demonstration. 

She added: ‘About half-way through the flight, I was walking down the aisles with a rubbish bag and I could hear something.

‘I looked up and they were all looking at me. I was thinking “why are they all looking at me while they’re chanting?”

Ms Harrison said the plane was almost completely full of Manchester United fans, who she filmed making lewd chants to her during the two-hour Ryanair flight

At one point, the ‘drunk’ fans even chanted ‘get your t**s out, we love you Chloe, we do’ – in footage the air hostess shared on TikTok

As the flight carried on, the fans became increasingly rowdy as they drank more booze, said Ms Harrison (pictured)

‘There was one older lady sat in the middle of the plane and she said, “Oh I bet you want to curl up into a ball, don’t you?”

‘I was like “what are they saying?” and she joined in with them and started singing ‘we love you Chloe’.

‘I was thinking “how do you know my name?” They must have heard my name when they did the announcements at the start.

As the flight progressed and the rowdy fans sank more booze, Ms Harrison said their chants got louder and louder.

She said: ‘We sold out of all the beer and all the vodka – they were all really drunk.

‘They kept asking for more drinks and coming up to the front.

‘There’s nothing you can do in that situation, if they’re all standing up you just have to tell them to sit down.

‘We turned lights out for landing and they all started going “lights out if you love Chloe”. They were making up random chants.

‘When they were leaving, a few were even joking “come in the toilet with us”. 

Ms Harrison claimed that some of the men even asked her to go to the toilet with them during the two-hour flight from Manchester, on February 15 

‘They were all trying to leave through the back and ask for my Instagram, I kept telling them I don’t have it. They were saying “I’ll never forget you.”‘

Despite social media comments suggesting the men’s behaviour was wrong, she said it didn’t bother her as it was mostly ‘harmless’ fun.

‘It made my day go faster, it was fun,’ added the Ryanair worker. 

‘I’ve only worked there for three months, but when I spoke to everyone they said it’s never been like that before apart from maybe in the summer when people are off to a party place like Ibiza.

‘I was telling my friend just before that I was looking forward to summer flights and everyone singing and dancing.

‘No one was complaining about it. Everyone found it funny, it was just a laugh.

‘They were all harmless. A few made a few comments or tried to grab me as I was walking down but I just said “don’t do that”. Other than that they were all funny. 

Ms Harrison, who has been an air hostess for three months, said she wasn’t bothered by the chants, claiming the men were having some ‘harmless’ fun

‘Even when they said ‘get your t**s out’ and ‘Chloe’s got a nice arse’, it didn’t really bother me at all.’

Ms Harrison posted the video to TikTok with the caption: ‘Manchester to Barcelona Ryanair flight full of United fans = fun fun fun x The last chant was my favourite.’

And users were quick to have their say on the footage, with one person saying: ‘This is brilliant.’

Another wrote: ‘Chloe needs a pay rise and danger money.’

While a third added: ‘I love the fact that you had a laugh and didn’t take any of it seriously. Banter does still exist.’

But not everybody saw the funny side of the encounter, with one person saying: ‘Omg I can’t stress how important it is for us women to stick together against this sort of behaviour. It’s not acceptable.’

MailOnline has approached Ryanair for comment.

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