Duo base jump from a 3,280-foot Italian mountain into a foggy valley

Time to leg-go! Base jumper dangles from his partner’s legs after they plunge into clouds from 3280ft Italian cliff in breathtaking stunt

  • Tom Newberry and Callum Coldwell-Story, travelled to Mount Brento, Italy 
  • The pair where tied together before jumping from the 3,280-foot mountain 
  • After clearing the cloud level, Callum unhooked himself and free-falled away
  • His parachute deployed several seconds later after a major adrenaline rush  

This is the moment a pair of thrill-seeking base jumpers launched themselves from a 1,000-meter high cliff face into a cloudy abyss.

Tom Newberry, 32, and Callum Coldwell-Story, filmed themselves jumping from one of the peaks of Mount Brento, Italy.

Footage shows the pair, who recorded themselves with an Insta360 One X attached to Tom’s helmet, as they become surrounded by thick clouds and fog.

Callum was attached to Tom’s feet as the pair jumped into the abyss.  

Tom Newberry, 32, and Callum Coldwell-Story, filmed themselves jumping from one of the peaks of Mount Brento, Italy in September

Tom had an Insta360 One X attached to his helmet which offered a view of all the action

Callum, pictured, was attached to Tom’s harness until they navigated their way through the cloud cover that blanketed the valley 

This stunt performed is known as a ‘Mr.Bill’, where two athletes fly on the same parachute. 

Seconds after jumping off the cliff Callum steered his parachute away from the cliff face and out towards the obscured valley. 

Once the pair clear the cloud, the valley opened up beneath them and Callum began to manoeuvre himself, unhooking himself from the harness. 

Tom then offered Callum his hand and the daredevil dangled precariously before letting go and falling rapidly towards the earth. 

Moments before the end of the video it is possible to see the small speck of Callum’s parachute far below.  

Tom, a teacher from Exeter, Devon, said: ‘We had been in Italy training our skills before heading to the Swiss Alps.

‘Towards the end of the week we wanted to do something more fun so we came up with the plan, no idea whether it would work or not.

‘As you can see from the huge smiles, a lot of fun was had on this jump!’

The footage was on September 17, 2021.

Callum unstrapped himself from Tom’s harness and prepared to free fall towards the valley below

Moments after letting go, Callum disappeared from view into the valley below 

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