East Edmonton condo residents say Boxing Day police shooting was like a ‘war movie’

It’s been a week since a bullet went through the wall of an Edmonton couple’s condo, where outside in the parking lot police shot and killed a wanted man during an exchange of gunfire that residents said was reminiscent of a war movie.

The shooting happened on Boxing Day at the Urban Village condo complex, located at 79 Avenue and 71 Street in the King Edward Park neighbourhood.

Carol and Harold Tracy, along with a roommate, live on the first floor. The couple heard yelling outside their bedroom last Wednesday afternoon. Carol looked out her window and saw police.

“I immediately ran out of the bedroom and yelled at these guys to get down because there’s police with guns drawn,” Carol said.

Instead, her husband Harold started watching and recording as officers surrounded a red truck, located about 10 steps from their patio.

Edmonton police on scene at an apartment near 79 Avenue and 71 Street on Dec. 26, 2018.

Buck Evans, 34, had outstanding warrants and was believed to be armed and dangerous, according to the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team. ASIRT said Evans was given verbal directions by Edmonton police to exit the vehicle, but he failed to comply.

“They asked him to get out of the vehicle. He did not,” Harold said. “We saw some movement in the truck. Then the first round went off.”

Officers can be heard on video telling the suspect: “Show us your hands,” “Walk to me now,” “Step out slowly and put your hands where I can see them,” “Step out of the car now,” and “last chance.”

Harold said he recorded until he heard gunshots. “We’re just like, ‘Oh my God what’s happening out there?’ And then we heard the barrage of bullets. My wife heard several of them hit the building.”

Three bullets struck the couple’s home. One went through their roommate’s wall, right beside his bed.

“If he’d been home, if he’d had the day off, he could have been laying in his bed and got shot. It’s pretty mind-blowing,” Harold said.

Carol said the gunfire reminded them of a war movie “where there’s shooting of guns constantly.”

Evans was pronounced dead in hospital shortly afterwards.

Edmonton police on scene at an apartment near 79 Avenue and 71 Street on Dec. 26, 2018.

Court documents show Evans had been subject to a lifetime ban on possessing firearms since February 2018.

Since 2003, he had been convicted and sentenced for numerous criminal offences, most of which were related to drugs or stolen property.

The couple is relieved nobody else was injured, but hopes the investigation considers just how close the shooting was to dozens of homes.

“Any one of us in this building could have been hurt,” Carol said.

“We’re just regular civilians trying to enjoy Christmas. It’s scary.”

Police cannot provide details about the investigation since the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) has taken it over. Their findings won’t be released until the investigation is complete.

— With files from Sarah Kraus, Global News

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