Eco mob cause rush hour chaos after clambering on top of Eddie Stob…

Eco mob cause rush hour chaos after clambering on top of Eddie Stobart fuel tanker at busy roundabout in West London

  •  Just Stop Oil have this morning targeted an Eddie Stobart fuel tanker lorry
  • Yesterday Extinction Rebellion activists marched down Constitution Hill
  • Others glued themselves to Dept for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Eco zealots have invaded a fuel tanker lorry on one of London’s busiest roundabouts – causing rush hour chaos.

The Just Stop Oil protest happened in Chiswick, ahead of a busy weekend for travel for Easter.

Pictures show the tanker is an Eddie Stobart vehicle and at least four people sat on top of it.

One of them openly mocked the police officers who were just feet away from the ground.

He posted a video and declared: ‘Welcome to Black Planet, with me your host David Attenborough Jnr Jnr.

‘Here we have the strange homosapiens that wear the yellow jackets and the black jackets and they follow the orders knowing full well that the orders that they’re given will ultimately kill everything they love.

‘Instead they continue to protect the cans of black death and the fossil fules demands because they just love money so goddamn much

‘We hope one day these strange homosapiens will realise they are actually f****** everything up including their own lives and they will turn around to the government and say “No more, no more”.’

The Just Stop Oil protest at Chiswick roundabout hot rush hour and is causing traffic chaos

The protest was captured on traffic cameras on the Chiswick roundabout just after 8.30am

Police at the scene appeared to be completely unaware they were being humiliated by the person in front of them.

Hounslow Police tweeted: Road closures are currently in place at the Chiswick Roundabout.

‘Diversions are in place. Please avoid the area if possible.’

Yesterday dozens of Extinction Rebellion activists glued their hands to the London HQ of Shell while hundreds marched on Buckingham Palace. 

Video shared by XR showed two activists with their hands down on a reception desk with the logo of oil giant Shell visible in the background. Other pictures show three people holding XR signs saying: ‘Insiders wanted’.

Sharing the footage on their Twitter page, XR said: ‘Ordinary people have glued to the reception Shell HQ in London as protestors fill the lobby and surround the building.’

Activists from Extinction Rebellion at Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy 

Pictures show three people holding a sign saying: ‘Insiders wanted’, at the reception of Shell HQ building in London today

In the video, one of the protestors says: ‘We are here to talk to HR, because we feel like there is not much point in talking to people at a corporation like this because those people clearly have not got any idea what is going on.’

A security guard then arrives and asks if they have glued themselves to the desk, with the protestor replying: ‘We have, yes.’

Outside, one hundred people from XR held up a placard with the name of an individual Shell employee and the words ‘Please Join Us’, while activists also handed out flyers to staff urging them to ‘switch to the right side of history, before Shell turns toxic on your CV’.

Another group positioned a fireman’s trampoline below the office windows bearing the message: ‘Jump Ship’. 

While the protests took place in and outside the Shell building, another group who said they were scientists, superglued themselves to an entrance of the nearby Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy as they continue to call for immediate action on climate change. 

Hundreds of demonstrators also walked along Constitution Hill towards the Queen’s official London residence – although she is currently living at Windsor Castle – waving flags and holding a large banner saying: ‘End fossil fuels now’. 

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