Elderly couple captured on CCTV snatching £1,500 horse sculpture from gallery in West Sussex – The Sun

AN ELDERLY couple totter away after swiping a £1,500 work of art.

CCTV shows the pensioners, in flat cap and cloche hat, popping the bronze sculpture into their shopping bag.

The pair, thought to be in their 70s, had earlier been browsing at the Room with a View Gallery in Worthing, West Sussex, on Sunday.

The gallery posted footage online with the caption: “These two will be on Santa’s naughty list this Christmas unless they return our bronze horse. Please share far and wide.”

Amy Michaela Hardwidge responded online: “Terrible. I do hope the police find them. What is the world coming too, even the older generation can’t be trusted?"

Patricia Marsh commented: “Absolutely disgraceful, just goes to show you it’s not always the young that does this sort of thing.”

Yesterday co-owner Jane Hill, 55, said: “They wandered around but didn’t do anything out of the ordinary."

"Once staff were engaged with customers, they then walked to the back but still didn’t take anything."

“Once they clocked it, they quickly took the heavy beast."

“I was shocked, the  age group we normally attract is 60 plus. It was not out of the norm for an old ­couple to come in and browse."

“We didn’t recognise them though, they had not been in before.”

The stolen horse sculpture is one of 195 made by Sherree Valentine-Daines, whose work sells for up to £10,000.

Fans of the  modern impressionist artist, 60, based in Dorking, Surrey, include ex-PM John Major and members of the royal family.

Sherree has painted celebs including Joanna Lumley and Sebastian Coe.

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