Election: Nigel Farage WON'T stand to be an MP for eighth time

NIGEL Farage has said he won't stand to be an MP in the upcoming general election.

The Brexit Party boss today revealed he will not try for an eighth time to become a Westminster MP.

It comes as he revealed his party does have plans to stand in 600 seats across the country, which will be a huge threat to Boris Johnson.

The Brexit Party boss has offered to do a pact with the PM – but only if he promises a "clean break Brexit" and to go for a No Deal.

He also threatened to write to every British household accusing the Tories of a "sell out".

Boris has refused his offer and said the Tories don't do pacts with anyone, even though Tory strategists fear it will let Labour MPs in.

Boris Johnson earlier warned voters thinking of backing Nigel Farage's Brexit Party they will let Jeremy Corbyn into No10.

The PM said that voting for any other party than the Tories would risk the leftie boss slipping through and securing more seats in the December 12 poll.

Tory MP Steve Baker said this morning at the news that Mr Farage would not be standing: "Serious politics requires more than chucking difficulties into a crisis."

Meanwhile, the Brexit Party boss has been slammed by one of his closest political allies by threatening to torpedo the PM's election strategy.

Arron Banks, who campaigned with Mr Farage in the Brexit referendum, told the Mail on Sunday he was risking letting in floods of Remainer MPs.

He said Mr Farage was being a "dog in the manger" and all he wanted to do was to star in TV debates.

Mr Banks said: "He is being very dog in the manger about it. Like everything in life, what is the point of doing something if you can’t win?

"I don’t think he will go through with his threat, but if he does, it is the wrong thing to do.

"He risks splitting the vote in some seats and letting a Lib Dem through the middle to win – a party which wants to cancel Brexit altogether."

The Brexit Party's founder, Catherine Blaiklock also agreed, and urged Mr Farage to rethink his threats.

She warned his threat to fight every seat unless the PM agrees a non-aggression pact will rob him of votes, hand power to Jeremy Corbyn and halt Brexit.

Ms Blaiklock, a former Ukip economics spokesman who first registered the Brexit Party, said: “How can Boris cave into a public demand akin to blackmail.”

She advised Mr Farage to “step back and rethink”.

And she added: “Nigel, I have voted for you in the past. Not now.

“The deal offered is not perfect, but nothing is ever perfect. Help Boris win, step back and take the Marxists on, not the Tories.”

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