Environment Canada places New Brunswick under extreme cold warning

Fredericton and Southern York County are under an extreme cold warning, as Environment Canada issued a special weather statement stating temperatures could reach a bone chilling -40 C.

Downtown Fredericton

Some parts of northern New Brunswick are also expected to get 30 cm of snow this weekend.

The severely cold temperatures create health risks such as hypothermia and frostbite, which can develop within minutes on exposed skin.

With a winter storm expected to bring major impacts to the region Sunday, residents are preparing for the severe weather, and most say its key to bundle up.

George Hudlin spends 45 hours a week outside cleaning windows, and in the winter months, he knows how to brave the outdoors. This, he says, is just classic winter weather in Canada.

“Just keep layered up,” George said. “Work inside a little bit, work outside a little bit — just back and forth, trying to stay warm.”

Environment Canada’s special weather statement for the Maritimes anticipates a large winter storm, rain and strong winds.

Lighthouse overlooking the Saint John River downtown Fredericton

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