Evil circus couple ‘shackled their son, 12, and starved him to death weighing just 50lbs while feeding their other kids well’

A BOY has died after his evil parents shackled him in a bath and starved him, despite treating their other three kids well.

Eduardo Posso, 12, suffered "extreme abuse" and was tortured with a shock collar – designed to train dogs – clipped around his neck.

According to police Indianapolis Eduardo's father Luis Posso, 32, and stepmother Dayan Median Flores, 25, caused his slow and painful death.

The evil couple worked as promoters for a circus that travelled the country, and were staying in a nearby hotel with his sister and two stepbrothers.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Sheriff Brad Swain of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department said Bloomington Hospital alerted cops after the boy was brought in “unresponsive” last Friday.

Eduardo was taken into A&E at 2.52am and was determined dead at 3.05am.

After being starved, Eduardo dropped to only 50lbs when he was taken to hospital.

He died within 10 minutes of his arrival at hospital and had bruising all over his body.

Doctors say he had zero per cent body fat.


A medial examination "found signs of extreme abuse", the sheriff added.

Detectives searched the hotel room they'd been living in and found restraints for wrists and ankles, metal chains for shackling him, and a dog training electric shock collar in a box.

Examination of mobile phones recovered from both Posso and Flores during the investigation revealed horrific video footage of the child being restrained in a bathtub.

Posso and Flores moved to the Economy Inn with Eduardo and their their other children, aged nine, five, and two, on May 20 to advertise for the circus that opens in June.

The boy's siblings, along with Flores, are seen coming in and going out of the bathroom and "paying no attention to the child".

A vile "selfie" of Posso includes Eduardo visibly under restraint.

Monroe County Sheriff Brad Swain said told WTHR: "I cannot think of, in 30 years, a case like this. It’s beyond anything I’ve worked."

He said of Eduardo's siblings: "Can you realize the horror that they lived in where a sibling is placed in shackles and not fed as well as them? That this was just normal life for them."


Sheriff Swain said that while the other three children were found in good health: “The indication seems to be that this young man Eduardo lived a very sad life, a lot of time under restraint.

"And his life gradually diminished after repeated acts of abuse by his father, with the full knowledge of the stepmother."

Flores told prosecutors Posso abused Eduardo because "he acted up more than the other kids".

Authorities said a camera was attached to a towel  rail in the bathroom and filmed Eduardo's decline in health.

Investigators said that an “examination of Eduardo Posso found multiple signs of abuse and starvation."

His dad and mum were charged last Friday of multiple counts of child abuse – level one felony neglect.

Both Posso and Flores are in custody in high security blocks, with limited access to other inmates, at the Monroe County Correctional Centre.

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The three other children, a nine-year-old girl, and boys aged five and two, have been placed in the care of Child Protection Services.

They appear to be healthy, investigators said, adding, “the family were in the Monroe County area for their employment, which is distributing advertising for a circus which tours around the United States.

“The investigation will likely include multiple jurisdictions over a long period of time.”

Family members related to the biological mother of Eduardo have spoken to the department.

Authorities said Posso and Flores will be charged with murder once the boy’s cause of death is determined.

They are being held on $500,000 bond in the Monroe County Jail on lesser charges until their court hearing today.

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