Extreme cold warnings across most of Saskatchewan

Most of central and southern Saskatchewan, including Saskatoon and Regina, along with regions in the far north of the province are under an extreme cold warning Thursday morning.


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Environment Canada says extreme wind chill values of -40 are expected across much of southern and central Saskatchewan as cold arctic air settles over the area.

Temperatures are expected to moderate later in the morning.

In the north, a prolonged period of very cold wind chills continues, with values near -45.

The extreme cold conditions could persist into the weekend.

Frostbite can occur in less than 10 minutes at these values.

With windchills around -40, the risk of frostbite is within the 5-10 minute range

Anyone heading outside should dress warmly and in layers and ensure the outer layer is wind resistant. Anyone working outside should take regular breaks to warm up.

Emergency supplies, such as extra blankets and jumper cables should be kept in vehicles.

Environment Canada issues extreme cold warnings when there is an elevated risk to health such as frostbite or hypothermia.

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