Family of Lancaster man killed by cop wanted to ‘help’ him with mental illness

The sister of the knife-wielding Pennsylvania man shot dead by a cop said they wanted to get her brother “help” for his mental illness.

Ricardo Munoz was a paranoid schizophrenic and had other mental health issues when he was killed Sunday just outside their home in downtown Lancaster, his family told NewsNation Now in a report Tuesday.

“We needed help,” his sister Deborah Peña told the local station. “I didn’t need my brother to be dead. I wanted him to get help — mental help.”

His mother Miguelina Peña, who was in tears during the interview, said of the police officer who shot her son, “They’re supposed to be there to protect and serve! That’s their logo, protect and serve!” Deborah translated from Spanish.

The family called 911 late Sunday afternoon reporting that Munoz was becoming “aggressive” with his mother and trying to break into her home.

Body-cam video shows the 27-year-old man bursting through the front door, charging at the officer who was first on scene with a knife in hand.

The retreating officer then fired several shots, killing Munoz.

The officer, who has not been identified by police, has been placed on administrative leave.

Munoz’s other sister on Monday said her brother was diagnosed with and treated for bipolar disorder, on top of schizophrenia. But he hadn’t been taking his medications.

She insisted that she only called a local crisis intervention group and a non-emergency police number.

“I called to find out what the procedure was to get him some help,” she told Lancaster Online.

Munoz’s death kicked off a night of violent protests in the city Sunday, with hundreds of protesters demanding “justice” while vandalizing police cars and lobbing bricks through the windows of the police department and post office.

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