Father of Jodie Chesney reveals the effect death had on her sister

Jodie Chesney’s emotional father reveals the devastating effect the 17-year-old’s murder has had on her older sister, 20, who is now frightened to leave home

  • Jodie Chesney was stabbed in the back in a park in east London on March 1 
  • Her father Peter now says her older sister Lucy has changed since she was killed
  • Peter said the whole family will never come to terms with Jodie’s death  

The father of murdered teenager Jodie Chesney today told of how the 17-year-old’s death has had a devastating effect on her older sister.

Peter Chesney said his older daughter Lucy has ‘changed so much’ since her sister’s death and that the whole family is having to deal with the loss ‘one day at a time’.

Jodie was stabbed in the back in a park in Harold Hill, East London on March 1, the day of her father’s 39th birthday. 

Speaking in his first television interview since the conviction of 19-year-old Ong-a-Kwie and a 17-year-old who cannot be named for legal reasons, Peter said his other daughter Lucy has struggled to come to terms with it. 

Lucy is pictured right on March 7, just days after he sister Jodie (left) was killed

‘It was a mistake and it is incomprehensible, how do you come to terms with something so senseless? I will never come to terms with it and neither will my family. 

‘No human is trained for this level of grief, you have to deal with it. I have another daughter Lucy and I want to be strong for her because she has lost her best friend and her sister. 

‘It’s had a massive impact. Lucy has changed a hell of a lot and we are all dealing with it one day at a time.’

Piers asked Peter how he now deals will helping Lucy to lead a normal life and allowing her freedom.

‘She doesn’t really go out anymore. Now she has changed so much. She is frightened to go out, absolutely.’

Piers added that is was ‘beyond his comprehension’ how someone could have done that to a young girl and asked what was ‘going on’ with young people, in order for them to carry out such acts. 

Peter said that young people are much more willing to use knives and ‘hurt people in a deadly manner. 

‘It’s more so now than it is before. I won’t sit here and pretend to know what’s going on with young people. 

Memories: Jodie with dad Peter. Peter Chesney was out in London celebrating his 39th birthday when he took the call from an unknown man who identified himself as a police officer and told him something had happened to his daughter 

‘It’s got to be a cultural thing – we need to get to the route of it. Why are young people so flippantly hurting other people.

‘The person that attacked her went to attack someone else, a rival drug dealer which Jodie had nothing to do with. I don’t know how he got it so wrong. According to him he was after someone else.’  

Susanna added that the rival had not been a female and questioned how this had happened. 

However, the family are trying to heal and have developed the Jodie Chesney Foundation in order to carry on Jodie’s kindness.

Peter added: ‘She was honest, transparent, she wore her heart on her sleeve and was funny.

‘There wasn’t a bad bone in her body.’ 

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