Fears of Thanksgiving violence as 'Antifa call on comrades to riot in bid to dismantle white supremacy and capitalism'

ANTIFA members have issued a call to action for Americans to disavow Thanksgiving and its holiday traditions in support of Indigenous people by attack "colonialism, capitalism, and gentrification."

Members of the anti-fascist protest movement who say they're "tired of seeing white people celebrate the genocide of our ancestors" are looking to take matters into their own hands by demonstrating on Thanksgiving eve.

"F**k thanksgiving," the post reads. "Organize your own direct action."

The post continues: "On Thanksgiving eve, organize your comrades to attack symbols of colonialism, capitalism, gentrification."

The group then provides a seven-point list of "DIY direct action tips" that include identifying "a clear target and action" such as contacting the local district attorney and to "assess risk."

Some of the questions Americans are asked to keep in mind include "Are there security cameras in the area?" and "How & how fast will pigs respond?"

Video shared by conservative journalist Andy Ngo on Twitter claims to show Ulysses S. Grant High School in Portland being defaced during a "direct action."

The phrases "stop honoring Nazi colonizers," "gentrified land," and "stop murdering black people" can be seen spray painted on the Oregon school's brick exterior.

President Donald Trump bashed Antifa as "scum" and called on cops to "do you job" in Washington DC last week as one of his supporters was kicked in the head and stomped out by anti-Trump protesters.

"ANTIFA SCUM ran for the hills today when they tried attacking the people at the Trump Rally, because those people aggressively fought back," Trump tweeted.

Violence erupted on the streets of the capital after the "Million MAGA March" with graphic pictures showing the horrifying incident.

Photos show the MAGA fan trying to fight off multiple demonstrators.

In one image, a counter-demonstrator was seen lunging toward his chest.

As the man lay on the ground, multiple people were seen surrounding him, with their feet raised as they went to kick him and stop on his head.

He was later seen being escorted away by others, his face bloodied.

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