Florida student hacks into school, announces ‘Mandatory Penis Inspection’

A Florida high school student managed to hack into his school’s computer system and deliver an email about a “Mandatory Penis Inspection” to all faculty, staff, and students, a report said.

The student sent the message about the bogus inspection to all students and faculty at Labelle Senior High and referenced a fake “penal health code,” according to Florida’s Fox 4 news.

“The district is required to conduct a mandatory penis inspection on all male Labelle High School students in accordance with the Florida Penal Health Code 69,” read the prank message obtained by the network.

“Seniors who do not pass the inspection will not be allowed to graduate.”

The letter also stated that “female students are to disregard this message.”

The school’s dean sent a follow-up email to parents apologizing for the prank. It was not clear, however, how the students managed to break into the system.

“It was something funny, but at the same time it was something scary,” one concerned parent told the network.

“You get some high schooler hacking into the system, think about it, what are we doing wrong for security?”

The school district did not comment about the prank.

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