Foundation’s Build-A-Village Art Exhibit Unveiled, Senior Citizens’ Art Addresses Public Health Need

For five weeks, senior citizens around Englewood, New Jersey, participated in a public art collage project which was held at the Bergen Family Center for Independent living. Broadway World reports that the art exhibit is a smash hit, and highlights a call for better public health needs. This art project was part of the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation’s Build-A-Village project (NNJCF). The Englewood Chamber of Commerce hosted the senior citizen art event.

Michael Shannon, the president of the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation, gave a statement to reporters about the Build-A-Village project and what it was seeking to address.

“Involving seniors in creative, social activities such as public art is healthy, both physically and mentally. The Build-A-Village project addressed the public health need of senior citizens experiencing loneliness and isolation. They used their imagination and connected with others through the arts.”

This is stated as a pilot project, with more work to hopefully come with by using tax-deductible donations, as permitted by the law, cites Broadway World.

Dan Fenelon led the workshops for this social art project. The senior citizens focused on exploring creating an ideal community through art. The project was partially funded this time around by Age-Friendly Englewood.

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Carol Rauscher, president of the Englewood Chamber of Commerce, and also Director of the Englewood Special Improvement District, gave a statement, remarking that the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation’s Build-A-Village project, “exemplified how organizations in Englewood come together to collaborate.”

“This is the beginning of introducing public art in Englewood. This would not have happened without the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation’s leadership. Fred Fish of TREECO was the first business owner to embrace the idea of bringing public art into the city. We would like to do more of these community engagement endeavors.”

The motto for the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation continues to ask, “What can we do together that we can’t do alone?” For more information on the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation and the Build-A-Village project, those interested can visit the Norther New Jersey Community Foundation website or may contact the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation via phone, using the telephone number listed on their website.

The photograph shared by the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation for the Build-A-Village project showed some of those involved cutting a ribbon to the entrance of the art exhibit. Everyone looked very happy and proud to be sharing their work with the public.

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