Friday’s UK weather forecast — Rain will affect northern areas and be most persistent across western Scotland – The Sun

MAINLY cloudy in the north and west. Rain will affect many northern areas, most persistent across western Scotland.

Drier elsewhere, and increasingly warm and sunny in the south and east.

UK weather forecast for 7am on Friday May 31

UK weather forecast for 4pm on Friday May 31

UK outlook for Saturday June 1 to Friday June 13

Becoming warmer by the weekend, but rather cloudy and humid. Best of the sunshine in the southeast, where it will be hot. Thundery showers on Sunday, then cooler into Monday.

Tuesday and Wednesday see fresher conditions established across the UK, with most places seeing showers or some longer spells of rain interspersed by bright or sunny spells.

The bulk of the rain will probably be in the northwest and here temperatures will be below normal, and it will be windy at times.

The best of any sunnier periods will be across the southeast, where it may still become warm at times. These conditions are expected to continue through much of the rest of the period, with further showers or longer spells of rain which could be heavy in places, and with thunder possible anywhere.

Towards the middle of the month some drier and more settled conditions may begin to become established across the UK.


UK surface pressure forecast for 12pm

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