Frisky dolphin gets carried away mounting unsuspecting tourist

A frisky dolphin gets a bit carried away after jumping out of the water to mount a female tourist.

The holidaymaker was hoping to see the animals during a visit to Varadero, Cuba, last week – but the experience was more up close and personal than she expected.

The dolphin lands ontop of the woman as she sits on a platform with her feet in the water, then appears to repeatedly grind against while she laughs.

The unnamed woman said: "I was trying to touch and hug one of the dolphins and it started to get a little too friendly.

"He started to make noises as I laughed because I didn’t know what to do.

"Security had to come over to get him off me."

The clip was shared online and as been watched almost 250,000 times since it was uploaded last week.

It isn’t the first time dolphins have made headlines in recent weeks.

Last December surfers were treated to a surprise visit by a pod of dolphins who joined them to catch a few waves and leap high in the air off the coast of Cornwall.

The dolphins were pictured swimming in the waves just beyond where the stunned surfers were watching.

They also put on a spectacular acrobatic display as they leapt from the water.

The magical moment was caught on camera by Malcolm Barradell.

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