From the Archives, 1958: The City of Fitzroy celebrates 100 years

First published in The Age on September 10, 1958

Fitzroy as It Was 100 Years Ago

The Lord Mayor (Cr. F. W. Thomas) last night described Fitzroy as a "beautiful parkland area, inhabited by the wealthy."

City of Fitzroy’s Coat of Arms and motto.Credit:The Age Archives

Cr. Thomas – speaking at the Fitzroy centenary – was reading from a report written more than 100 years ago.

Cr. Thomas told the gathering of more than 300 that it was not the number of square miles which made a municipality important, but the number of square people.

“And over the years Fitzroy has contained many square people who have done a very remarkable job,” he added.

Cr. Thomas said the first Fitzroy council meeting – in 1858 – had been held in the Royal Exchange Hotel.

Early in the city council’s history, a certain mayor used to adjourn with the party to the Royal Hotel.

The owner was an aspiring councillor, and put on a very good spread. Needless to say, he was elected.

“Of course, things haven’t changed much,” Cr. Thomas added amidst laughter.

Cr. Thomas later unveiled a bronze plaque, to be hung in the Fitzroy council chamber, to perpetuate the memory of the local pioneers.

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