The Fullest Guide on How to be a Content Writer in the Philippines

In search of part-time job seekers consider a variety of options. One of the most common options for extra income is creating web content. Let’s look at ways to become a content writer from scratch without education, fear and serious investments for mastering a new profession, especially if you have already taken loans from cash lending Philippines and need money ASAP. This area can bring not only an additional salary increase but also become the main activity, bringing a very good income in the Philippines.

What is a content writer?

This compound word, which came to us from the English language and consists of the words «copy» and «write». From this, it becomes clear that this is the writing of a unique article that meets certain requirements.

There are the following types of copywriting:

  • Rewriting — retyping an existing text so that the new one becomes unique.
  • SEO — writing articles on certain topics which should meet the requirements of search queries.
  • News posts — writing news often for social media.
  • Informational posts— just writing informative articles.
  • Blog posts — articles written by professionals of a certain niche

Content management is another service offered by experienced writers — the task is to compose a large amount of content and images and control the posting in social media often with hashtags. Such people also know much about search engine optimization and web traffic. Specialists who have a decent command of the language can also work as editors. Actually, there are many copywriters who occupy both positions at that same time.

The most highly paid are:

  • Speech writing — texts written for speeches. These services are used by artists, politicians, entrepreneurs and other public speakers.
  • Advertising — writing selling texts for online stores, web sites of various services and resources.

One can find lots of communities and groups where copywriters share their experience. Writing communities can be easily found on the internet and everyone can pitch in. Freelancing writing communities help beginners in decision-making and problem-solving.

Freelance Content Writer: Check-up List of Skills Needed

Now consider what you need to have for employment in this sphere. You can write on the following conditions:

  1. Be sure to have time. You have to write every day and work on your creativity. Even good writing skills need perfection. Even an experienced writer may have days when it is impossible to write something worthwhile. This can happen due to the fact that writing was abandoned for some time or because of some problems. You need to write every day to develop your own style.
  2. Laptop, computer or, in extreme cases, a tablet for typing. And uninterrupted internet access. Excellent computer skills are your must have.
  3. High speed of printing. If you do not have one, then it is better to learn the technique of fast typing on the keyboard. There are tons of blogs and free courses on the Internet.
  4. Literacy, creative writing, and thinking. Of course, most of the information is taken from the Internet from articles already previously written by someone, but your text should be unique. No one will accept the text with a bunch of grammatical and spelling errors.
  5. Self-discipline. Time management is obligatory if you plan to be a successful freelance content writer for hire.
  6. High speed of search. You have to master the main search engines in order to find the necessary information ASAP. Google should become your best friend.
  7. A constant thirst for knowledge. It is unnecessary to copy other people’s works, but you can learn from them.

Useful Tips on How to Write Better

It doesn’t matter what type of copywriter you prefer to become, the essence is the same here — improve your writing skills. Everybody can write publications, but only a few can write well.

Here are 5 base factors of becoming a brilliant author:

Read a lot of different literatureBooks are excellent teachers. You not only broaden your horizons but become more literate with every book you read. Reading is the best learning.
Strive to write correctly and to the pointTo improve your writing skills, you need not only to write, but also to be read. Learn to accept criticism. Take it easy, but consider your flaws and try to get rid of them. Ideation and persuasion are the greatest skills of a writer.
Avoid complex textsEach freelance content writer in the Philippines wants to be unique. The main rule for all writing people is to make the text as accessible as possible to the audience of different levels of intelligence.
Edit your textsAfter writing the text, you should immediately read it. When a person writes, he can make mistakes, and this is natural since the process of writing text is due to the flow; the text must be checked. Editing a text may take longer than writing it.
Make outlinesIt doesn’t matter if you write a book or an essay, first, you need to make a plan. You are to follow certain rules for each writing. This will greatly simplify the task when writing text.

Does a Web Content Writer Earn Much?

Does a Web Content Writer Earn Much?

It is possible to earn much, but for this, you need to work on yourself, to pump your skills, in general, to develop them daily. All copywriters earn depending on their experience. Go to the blog of any top writer in the Philippines and see the rates in the services section.

There are no limits in salary. Constantly looking for interesting projects is a way of progressing.

The starting price may vary from 3 — $5 per 500-word article. Write all types of texts: guest posts, reviews, academic papers, a case study, etc. Learn more on how to use infographic, statistics, and headlines. Each writing experience matters.

If the description of some topics contradicts your ethics or moral values, just refuse to take these orders.

A content writer who has worked for a year or more is often considered rather experienced and can be paid at the rate of $20-25 per 500 words or one page.

What is a content writer with a «star» rank? There is also the so-called «stars» of content writing: authors who have rich writing experience in writing various or specialized texts or who have worked for a large advertising agency for a long time.

How to get more than an average freelance content writer?

You should do the following things:

  • Have a specialized education or serious training in advertising, marketing, PR.
  • Have experience in large and complex projects.
  • Have iconic projects in the portfolio.
  • Be a blogger or a writer of a book to share professional secrets.
  • To speak at seminars, since corporations often seek specialists for such events.

Becoming a freelance content writer with a “star”status is difficult, and not every specialist is able to go this way. If you need money, you can apply to quick cash loan Philippines at any time.

It is clear that freelance writing is as responsible profession as any other. Your goal is to master the profession from scratch, read a lot, practice and engage in education. Then it will turn out to earn more on freelance content.

Freelance Content Writing Gigs for Beginners and Pros

Freelance Content Writing Gigs for Beginners and Pros

If you think that you are ready to start working, sign up content writing gigs. It won’t take much time. First, you will write for little money, and this is natural because you still do not have enough experience.

Some people believe that it is too late to become a freelancer at content gigs. There are already too many people in this niche. It’s not true.

Firstly, as time goes on, new companies appear that have websites. A lot of blogs, forums, and other projects are being created. They need service offering specialists.

Secondly, most copywriters will either give up this business, or they will write for pennies. Look at the top writers of gigs.

Do everything in the right way from the first days:

  • Always say hello when you apply to someone
  • Contact the customer by name.
  • Write full answers — just OK or Got it isn’t enough
  • Do not forget to mention your experience in the resume
  • Leave links to your portfolio.

Two more tips for beginners looking for content writer jobs in the Philippines:

  1. Build your portfolio. Even if there are no orders, write articles for it separately. This will greatly help you.
  2. Subscribe to several gigs at once. This way you will have more chances to quickly find a customer who needs a copywriter.

What gigs to choose?

Upwork is the indisputable leader among freelancing communities. However, to work online you need a valid bank card and you have to pass verification. The second reliable web page offering equal opportunities is 199jobs. — another major freelancing portal with writing jobs. The competition is above average for content writers in the Philippines. Textbroker is one more good gig with a great advantage — there are customers who buy texts not only in English but in other languages.

Tips on How to Become a Freelance Content Writer in the Philippines

To most actively promote any product on the market, you need to create a brand. Consider some of the secrets of successful copywriters to create a name on the Internet.

  • Use your photo. It is advisable to hire a professional photographer or go to the studio to make high-quality and pleasant to the other person’s photo. If possible, communicate with clients via video link — this will also give him confidence.
  • The main advantage over competitors will be your professional skills. You can choose one or more niches in which the competition is not too great (finances, management, travel, etc).
  • Create your personal website, paying attention to the domain name. A personal project will give consumers of your services an understanding of how good you really are and correspond to your statements.
  • Do not send spam to everyone, such emails will only repel potential customers. To promote, use advertising, write articles in your blogs that lead to you. Keep active in social networks.
  • You can start a video blog and fill it with useful and interesting content. A blog website will also elevate you several levels above the competition. Social networking is an effective tool.

Final Notes on Becoming a Web Content Writer

Final Notes on Becoming a Web Content Writer

You should always have a notebook to write down thoughts that have suddenly come. Often it is thanks to the thoughts that some new ideas for books or articles are obtained. But thoughts can come to you precisely when you are not at home, so you need to have a source near you that would help you record them.

Freelance content writing perfection knows no limits! Each text can be written even better. A really good writer will always think that he is still learning. Do substantial research when collecting the information for each text. If you make a decision to become a writer for a magazine or your own blog, jump at the chance! Write your first definite article, publish it and make the first step in this branch.