Furious locals threatened with £100 fines for leaving bins out at night blast jobsworth council & refuse to pay

FURIOUS locals have been threatened with £100 fines for leaving their bins out overnight.

And the outraged residents have blasted the jobsworth council responsible for the decision – and say they'll refuse to pay.

Neighbours living in seven Leicestershire streets have been warned all wheelie bins and recycling containers left outside are calling a "nuisance".

And anyone who leaves their bin out overnight will be slapped with a fine for littering.

One resident, 34-year-old Simon Morris, fumed: "It's a barmy idea.

"How can it run properly when some people, like me, work 12-hour shifts, and others live alone or go away.

"Have you then got to call someone to bring your bin in at night?"

The new rule will apply to just a few streets in tiny parish Glenfield.

And Mr Morris said: "The council can't force us to bring our bins in if we're not at home.

"It's a rubbish plan, and I won't be happy paying any fine."

Councillors want to introduce the new rule – which would effectively make it a criminal offence to leave a bin out – under the Public Spaces Protection Order.

Residents in the seven streets have been asked to have their say within a fortnight.

And if the move is given a green light, from the end of July, householders will be fined if their bin is out after 9pm.

Graphic designer Lauren Hall, 26, said: “When I got the letter I couldn't believe it.

"I read it and threw it away. What happens if you’re on holiday or going for a drink after work? Our neighbours are lovely but you can’t make it their responsibility.

“Maybe a warning scheme would be a better idea but not a fine.

"I don't have a spare £100 if I forgot to or couldn't bring my bin in. I think the council needs to come up with a better idea."

And mortgage adviser Kirsty Patrick, 41, said: “I’m not happy with this, absolutely not.

"There’s no way I'll be forking out for my bin being left on the pavement. That’s where we have to leave them for collection.

"How can they specify a time for us to bring them in when we all have different lifestyles and work patterns? It’s a bad idea if you’re a shift worker and not at all practical.”

Meanwhile, retired firefighter Cyril Knight, 85, who struggles with his mobility, said he already relies on his neighbours for help.

"It's not suitable for the elderly, like me," he said.

"There needs to be more flexibility – or the proposal should be ripped up."

But mum-of-two Izabella Bac backed the plans – calling them "brilliant".

"Bins are left out on the streets blocking pushchairs, mobility scooters and cyclists. The people complaining about it are probably the ones leaving the bins out," she said.

“On bin collection day it looks like a big recycling centre, it looks so messy."

Paul Sanders, head of community services at North West Leicestershire District Council, said: “Over the last few years, we’ve received an increase in complaints from residents and have identified a number of problems as a result of people leaving their bins out in certain areas in Coalville.

“These problems are having a negative impact on our resident’s quality of life including having to work around obstructions on pavements and roads, being exposed to vermin and bins being torn open or tipped over leaving these areas looking untidy and unattractive."

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