Furious Tory MPs 'ready to trigger leadership challenge to Theresa May within DAYS as Brexit vote approaches'

Brexiteers were livid they won't have the chance to defeat Mrs May's deal as they planned to tomorrow in the Commons.

The Prime Minister is set to make a statement later today giving more details about her Brexit plans and what will happen next.

She will now return Brussels to beg them to make more changes to the hated Northern Ireland backstop deal to try and get it through, so she doesn't get booted out of No10.

A vote has to take place by MPs before we can leave the EU in March next year.

But Steve Baker, a former aide to David Davis, said today: "Time for action and a vote of No Confidence."

And Brexiteer Steve Baker added: "This is essentially a defeat of the Prime Minister's Brexit deal."

He said Mrs May has "kicked the can down the road".

"The terms of the WA were so bad that they didn’t dare put it to Parliament for a vote," he said. "This isn’t the mark of a stable government or a strong plan."

Now MPs fear more people could send in letters of no confidence in the PM after a shambolic morning in Westminster.

Remainer Anna Soubry said today: "I fear PM has weakened her own position & the ERG will put in letters.

"I gravely fear we are putting off the inevitable. We were told the PMs deal was the final deal & end of negotiations. What can we believe?"

The Sun was the first to report a week ago that the Government was considering pulling tomorrow's vote instead of suffering a public humiliation.

As Mrs May fights for her deal – and her career:

  • Michael Gove promised the deal can be "improved" through talks with the EU
  • Boris Johnson led calls for the hated Irish backstop to be ditched
  • Euro judges ruled that Britain can cancel Brexit without permission from Europe
  • Top Tories made plans for a second referendum without an option to remain in the EU

Today she is expected to call more European leaders, to try and find some way to guarantee the Irish backstop will never come into force without Britain's consent.

And Peter Bone told Sky News: "It's a bit of nonsense really. What will be added by postponing the vote?

"I don't understand it. I thought the point was, this was the deal, it couldn't be altered. I don't see how that's going to change, unless what we were told wasn't true.

"Exactly the same thing will happen, the vote will be defeated."

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