Fury as Amazon sells My Little Book Of All the Brexiteers I Want To STAB notebook after row over violent Brexit language – The Sun

A REMAINER notebook titled "My Little Book Of All The Brexiteers I Want To Stab" has sparked outrage after it was being sold on Amazon.

It comes the same week MPs urged Boris Johnson to temper his political language.

The blank notebook was described as a "book and journal for Remainers and EU voters" and was listed for £4.05.

It has a blue cover and the title is surrounded by yellow stars – similar to the flag of the European Union.

The notebook comes amid uproar over the Prime Minister's use of the term "Surrender Bill" in how he described a new law which will force the PM to get another extension from the EU if he doesn't get a deal.

The official Leave.EU twitter account said: "Remainers are crying crocodile tears over Boris's language, yet Amazon is stocking and selling a notebook called My Little Book Of All The Brexiteers I Want To Stab.

"Does anyone from @AmazonUK care to explain why they think this is in any way acceptable?"

One person replied: "Who published this … Remainers is this what you're about?

"Share this, we must have our remainer MPs explaining their vile incitement to violence."


Another added: "Amazon is selling a book inciting violence against the democratic majority who won the referendum & voted Leave.

"Is this ok behaviour in a democracy from the Remainer Establishment?"

Remainer Publishing, the listed seller for the toxic product, wrote: "Get this journal/notebook and put a smile on the face of anyone who is against Brexit, who voted Britain to stay, who don't want Britain to leave the European Union!

"This is a great notebook/journal for all anti-Brexit Remainers and Pro-Europeans, Anti Leave British supporters who want Britain to remain in the European Union."

Customers on Amazon were disgusted over the notebook as one wrote in the review section: "I hope this has been reported to the police for inciting hate."

Another added: "Would give zero stars if I could. I am reporting this."


Amazon has not commented on the listing, but has since taken it down.

The PM was attacked on Wednesday by MPs for suggesting that the best way to honour the memory of murdered MP Jo Cox was to get Brexit done.

He infuriated MPs by brushing off their concerns about his use of language in the Commons as "humbug" in more astonishing scenes.

Paula Sheriff told him many Labour MPs were being subjected to death threats from people quoting his words such as “Surrender Act”, “traitor” or “betrayal”.

The PM dismissed her comments as “humbug” and on Wednesday refused to answer demands for an apology in the Commons — sending a junior minister instead.

Brendan Cox — Jo’s widower — said he felt “sick” to see her name used by the PM. And former ­Labour leader Ed Miliband said it was a “disgrace” Mr Johnson did not apologise.

Yesterday, Mr Johnson admitted that "tempers need to come down" in the furious row over political language and Jo Cox.

He said he would carry on using the phrase to describe a new law – but stressed that MPs must be careful about what language they use to avoid inciting violence.

The Sun Online contacted Downing Street for a comment.

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