Fury as Jet2 passenger caught using face mask as an EYE mask to sleep on packed flight

A JET2 passenger has told of his shock after seeing holidaymakers with  their masks carelessly slung around their necks on their flight – with one even using it as an eye mask.

The 41-year-old dad was returning from a relaxing week-long break in Cyprus with his family when he was confronted with the lax passengers – saying they seemed to have given up on following the measures to keep them Covid-safe.

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Speaking to the Sun Online, the manager said the flight from Manchester to Larnaca had seen passengers happily wear their masks – but it was the flight back on the August Bank Holiday Monday that left him horrified.

He said: "It was like there was a collective attitude of 'it doesn't matter anymore'.

"It was like people thought we had our holiday and we're flying back to the UK, none of the controls were important anymore.

"It was pretty terrible to be honest."

Passengers have to test negative for coronavirus within 72 hours before arriving in Cyprus but there is no quarantine needed when they arrive back in the UK. 

The dad, from Cheshire, said he was shocked to see a fellow passenger just a few seats away from him use his protective mask to cover his eyes to get some shut eye on the plane.

He said: "I tried to speak with him and got the short shrift – he just wasn't interested."

Many airlines, including Jet2, have made face masks compulsory for passengers on their flights.

But to make matters worse, the horrified passenger, who was travelling with his wife and five-year-old daughter, said Jet2 staff did little to challenge the cavalier holidaymakers, themselves often taking off their masks to walk up and down the aisles.

He explained: "It sets a terrible example, it was very disappointing.

"One of the stewards had been wearing his mask for demonstrations then had it off as he was collecting rubbish so there seemed to be no medical reason to not wear it.

"It just seemed like there was a lack of interest and focus."

The unhappy customer has since complained to Jet2 but said they had told him it would take them 24 days to respond.

He said: "My primary concern is that people are booking holidays in the belief controls are in place.

"Then if they are not – you are trapped on a plane and you can't get away.

"People need to be aware – they think they will be looked after and the controls will be followed but the reality is quite different."

A Jet2 spokesperson said: “We have not received any direct complaints about this flight, and after investigating we can confirm that our cabin crew colleague had temporarily removed his mask to have a drink whilst in the front galley of the aircraft and stepped briefly into the very front of the cabin.

“In line with our industry-leading customer service, we have developed an extensive programme of communications to inform everyone, both before and during travel, about our onboard safety measures as well as the government guidelines regarding the wearing of face masks. Our highly trained crew continue to work hard to remind everyone of this for the good of everyone travelling.

"We would like to remind everyone of the CAA guidance, stating that they are required to wear a face mask at the airport and when on-board. The only exceptions are for medical reasons or to temporarily remove the face mask to eat or drink.

“We urge everyone to be mindful that other people travelling on their flight may well have valid reasons for not wearing a face mask.”

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