Gambler pulls out wild WWE style moves to take down thug who ripped off his shirt during casino brawl

A GAMBLER pulled out a WWE style move to take down a thug who ripped off his shirt during a casino brawl.

Tense footage starts with the young man donning a white shirt and matching trainers storming over to the other gambler.

The pair appear to exchange heated words before the thug suddenly rips of his t-shirt and jumps out of his seat as if he's about to wrestle.

But the young man instantly grabs him by the throat, before launching a flurry of punches.

The shirtless man cannot withstand the blows and falls to the ground, after a failed bid to hold onto the gambler.

Even as he lies on the ground, the young man still continues his assault, until he's pulled away by security staff.


A young woman shrieks "please stop! oh please please!" as the older man tries to get back up, but flails across the casino floor struggling to keep himself up.

After a few seconds of stumbling, the shirtless man falls back down to the ground for a second time, appearing dazed.

Somehow, the young man frees himself from the grapple and charges at the shirtless guy, but this time with a fly kick.

His kick mirrors WWE star Shawn Michaels famous wrestling move 'Sweet Chin Music'.

Michaels always uses his right leg but can use either arm to drop his elbow directly into his opponent lying on the ground.

The woman pleads with the man to stop, before he storms out of the casino.

The thug's shirt rip before the brawl bared striking resemblances of Hulk Hogan's classic entrance before a WWE reference.

The former pro wrestler would rip of his shirt once he enters the ring, before facing his opponent.

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